Published: Feb. 8, 2017

Finding a new home can be exciting and also overwhelming. As a member of the CU community, there are resources to assist you on campus both before and during your search. Off-Campus Housing & Neighborhood Relations, a service of CU Student Government, is an office located in the University Memorial Center that provides housing search and legal assistance.

Here are some tips and strategies as you think about your new home:

Before you start your search, think about the location, budget and your roommate(s) 

CU Money Sense, is a campus resource that can assist in evaluating your budget and finding what is most comfortable for you to spend on housing, utilities and other expenses utilizing their online calculators. In Ralphie’s List, the CU rental database provided by OCH&NR, students can search for properties based on location, budget as well as use the roommate finder to identify roommates you might be interested in sharing a unit or house with next year. Be sure to check with your landlord and the City of Boulder to ensure that you are not over-occupying your unit based on the number of tenants the property is zoned for legally. 

Consider which amenities are important to you 

Do you like to work out? Or perhaps want a nice study spot? Many multi-unit properties may have amenities that can enhance your living experience. If you plan to live in a house, it is also important to consider what things may be within a walking distance such as convenience stores or accessible parking locations. Don’t forget to check where the closest RTD stop is to your potential new home as you can utilize your RTD CollegePass to ride to campus.