Published: Oct. 7, 2016

Are you a parent with curiosity regarding the latest, research-based approaches to the great life work that is parenting? Come to a presentation that will highlight the approaches that are most likely to increase positive interactions and strong emotional connections in your family system. The facilitator will introduce current information from the neuro-biological and behavioral sciences that will help you make sense of the developmental processes of infants, children and adolescents so that you can best meet them where they are. In this psycho-educational workshop you will leave with information and approaches to support your ongoing work as coach, model, and loved one to these precious human beings in our care.

This workshop is facilitated by Paulette Erickson England. Paulette's education includes a Master of Social Work, 2003 and Bachelor Degree in Psychology, 1993. Her certifications include EMDR, NaBITa Threat Assessment Certification, Graduate-level training in Depth Psychology. Paulette has 10 years of experience in County Social Work in Child Welfare, supervision, client counseling and advocacy; 6 years in private practice providing counseling to individuals, families, and couples; and 3+ years at FSAP providing counseling, work-life presentations, support groups, clinical internship supervision and program coordination.

The workshop is being held on Oct. 26 from noon to 1:30 p.m. in the University Memorial Center (UMC), room 415. Email Andrew Frank for more information or to register.

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