Published: Nov. 6, 2015

At the University of Colorado Boulder, we want our unique qualities, individual experiences and identities to be key strengths of our university. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the campus will host our 21st Annual Diversity and Inclusion Summit at the University Memorial Center. 

The summit is for all faculty, students, staff and offers more than 40 educational and inspirational workshops, presentations, and activities to promote inclusive excellence. Accordingly, I urge you and your colleagues to attend several of this year’s sessions. The sessions are, in a literal sense, professional development and training for all CU-Boulder employees. 

In the October Chancellor’s Corner, I announced that the campus is embarking on a historic journey to create a strategic plan for diversity, equity and inclusive excellence. This plan will provide a new framework for how we understand diversity and equity, a blueprint for building a collaborative environment to achieve inclusive excellence, and a spark for ongoing dialogue that will shape our university in enduring ways. Every department and administrative unit will engage in the dialogue and capture the results. Those results will help form the basis of our long-term plan.

At this year’s summit the Chancellor’s Advisory Committees will be holding caucuses to hear from all campus members about diversity and inclusion. In addition, Vice Chancellor Bob Boswell will lead two sessions about the Diversity, Inclusion and Academic Excellence planning process.

Our campus will be enriched through your participation and engagement in the Diversity and Inclusion Summit. I look forward to seeing you there.

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