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2015 Diversity Summit, November 10-11

Past Diversity and Inclusion Summit Videos

2015 Diversity Summit Videos - In Case You Missed It 

If you missed a session you were interested in, here's your chance to see it! These recorded sessions cover a range of topics including issues of diversity in STEM fields, civil rights, and micro-aggressions/micro-affirmations toward a variety of disavantaged communities. Challenges were addressed and dialogues were had. Tune in to catch up!

Diversity Summit 2015 Videos

2014 Diversity Summit Videos – In Case You Missed It

If you missed a session, here’s your chance to see it! Recorded sessions cover a range of topics including civil rights, gender violence, asking the question, “In this time of Ferguson, does my degree even matter?”   and student leaders of Oyate, Black Student Alliance and UMAS y MECHA present on both current and historical racism, exclusion, and their simultaneous activism and triumphs.

Diversity Summit 2014 Videos

2013 Diversity Summit Lecture Cast – In Case You Missed It

Did you miss a session from the Diversity and Inclusion Summit that you really wanted to see? Now you can. Key sessions were captured on LectureCast including Adam Bradley’s Hip Hop Road Map to Diversity; the lieutenant governor’s address; Patricia Gurin’s keynote, Dick Jessor and panelists from the “Where Have We Come From” discussion, Melissa Hart’s “Diversity Under Scrutiny;” Bianca Williams’ “Made in America: Jay Z and American Blackness;” and city, county and CU representatives from the “Where Are We Now/Where Are We Going” panel. Tune in!

 Diversity Summit 2013 Video

2015 Diversity Summit Video