The Department of Theatre & Dance provides online tools to students and instructors for enrollment needs, including departmentally-controlled courses, independent study and practicums, and internships. Please follow steps outlined below for enrollment in each course type.

Departmentally Controlled Courses

Courses requiring departmental consent for enrollment may include technique practicums, major-restricted courses, or undergraduate production practicums. Please see the CU Catalog course listings in the submenu for specifics. 

  1. Ask the course instructor for permission to enroll in the course
  2. If the instructor gives permission, they can initiate the THDN Departmentally-Controlled Course Enrollment Form 
  • Faculty initiates the form to give permission, course and section numbers, and reason for the form (variable credit, controlled course, etc.)
  • The form automatically routes in DocuSign to the student for their student ID number
  • The form then routes to an administrator for enrollment 
  • All parties will all receive an email confirmation after successful processing

Note: if you think the form is "stuck" and not routing properly, please email and the administrator will check on the status of your form. 

If the class is audition-based, show up the first day of class ready to move. If you are accepted into the class you will be enrolled by the administrator. This includes DNCE 2021, DNCE 3041, DNCE 3161, DNCE 3301, DNCE 4038, DNCE 4061, DNCE 4128, DNCE 4181, DNCE 4261, DNCE 5038, DNCE 5128, DNCE 5261, DNCE 5331, THTR 4039, THTR 5039.

Independent Study & Graduate Practicums

  • An independent study or graduate-level practicum course is defined as a creative or scholarly investigation of an area of interest to the student not addressed in the curriculum
  • Students must complete assignments that are designed to measure academic goals in the stated objectives
  • Students will develop a plan or idea and then approach a faculty member to discuss the feasibility and supervision of the work, and to answer all questions posed on the form
  • Note: graduate students are limited to two independent study/graduate practicum courses per semester

  1. Read course requirements by following the appropriate List of Courses link in the side menu 
    • Note: typically 1 credit hour is worth 40 hours of work
  2. Meet with your faculty mentor to discuss the location, goals of the project, method(s) of evaluation, meeting dates, and completion date
  3. Initiate the Independent Study & Graduate Practicum PowerForm 
  4. The PowerForm will automatically route to all parties
  5. If applicable, create a list of names, phone numbers, and email addresses of any other people involved in this independent study; students must follow the university's guidelines on research with human subjects 

You will receive an email from DocuSign notifying you of the completed form and successful enrollment.



  • Internships provide an opportunity for undergraduate majors to serve apprenticeships in the community in work areas related to their major interests and career goals
  • Students must complete work assignments that are designed to measure academic goals in the stated objectives
  • Internships require support and supervision by a faculty mentor; please speak to a faculty member for assistance in location or securing an internship


This Agreement is made between the following University of Colorado Boulder student (the “Student”) and the organization that is providing the internship experience (“Internship”) to the Student (the “Organization”). This Agreement does not create any obligations on the part of the University of Colorado Boulder (“university”). The Academic Department, Department of Theatre & Dance (“Department”), and the university’s Career Services office may utilize or reference this Agreement as necessary, including, but not limited to, for the approval of internship credit, compilation of statistics regarding university internships, evaluating insurance sponsorship, etc.

Completion of this Agreement is necessary to ensure a high-quality experience and satisfaction between the Student and the Organization. Completion of this Agreement may also be necessary for the Student to receive academic credit for the Internship if applicable. This Agreement includes an Internship Learning Plan to facilitate these goals. By signing this Agreement, Student and Organization acknowledge that they understand and agree to the responsibilities under this Agreement, including the Internship Learning Plan.

Course Information  

Enrollment Details & Requirements

  • Internship is for students who are pursuing the BA or BFA degree in Theatre or a BA degree in Dance who wish to explore career opportunities in the field
    • It asks them to apply knowledge and skills developed in their major studies to a practical work experience
  • Minimum requirements: cumulative GPA of 2.0 and 30 credit hours completed
  • Internships can be on or off-campus


  1. Obtain a Faculty Sponsor
  2. Set up an internship with an organization
  3. Schedule meetings a minimum of three times with the Faculty Sponsor to review the progress of the internship
  4. Complete the Internship Agreement & Learning Plan (PowerForm in DocuSign)
  5. Fulfill the requirements of the learning plan which details the specific expectations and time commitments of the internship
  6. Craft a Final Essay: an analysis of the internship experience
  7. This analysis will include the student’s reflections on what they have learned in the internship
  8. Providing supplemental materials when appropriate encouraged, e.g., selected publicity materials created by the student, a series of lesson plans, a videotape, etc.

Faculty Sponsor

  1. Complete this paperwork with the student
  2. Mentor student and review progress of the internship during the scheduled meetings
  3. Obtain feedback from the Work Supervisor and assign the grade to the internship

Work Supervisor (from the internship organization)

  1. Complete work supervisor sections in the Internship Agreement & Learning Plan (look for an email from DocuSign after the student initiates the PowerForm)
  2. Complete one standardized report form of evaluation
  3. Please email this form directly to the Faculty Sponsor

    1. Read through the Organization-Student Internship Agreement and Learning Plan listed above
    2. Communicate with Sponsor Organization and Supervising Faculty to please complete all fields in the DocuSign paperwork
    3. Initiate the online Organization-Student Internship Agreement and Learning Plan Form

    You will receive an email from DocuSign notifying you of the completed form and successful enrollment.

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    Locating the Enrollment Information

    1. Go to CU's Seach Classes site
    2. Add title, subject, keyword OR use search fields and click “search classes”
    3. Select the desired course from the list to view details including class number, section number, etc.