The Pilates method is a system of movement and therapeutic exercise developed over a span of 60 years by German born athlete and physical therapy pioneer, Joseph H. Pilates. Utilizing the specialized equipment he designed. The method works by toning muscles as well as balancing muscular force at the joint level. It stimulates circulation through facilitating muscular flexibility, joint range of motion and proper musculoskeletal alignment. Dancers have supplemented their training with Pilates for decades and have benefited from the works ability to promote new neuromuscular patterns, heightened body awareness, and more precise coordination. All these things combine to help prevent future re-injury and reduce - even in some cases alleviate - chronic pain altogether.

Training Program Information

The Pilates Center in Boulder was created in 1990 by two sisters, Amy Taylor Alpers and Rachel Taylor Segel, who trained under Romana Kryzanowska, Joseph Pilates' protege and inheritor of his studio in NYC. This lineage is significant because they have strived to foster the legacy and tradition of the original, classical method of Pilates. Their strong commitment to maintaining the integrity of the method inspires others to become teachers. MFA students who choose the Pilates focus follow the general requirements for the Somatic Emphasis and pursue their Pilates training under the supervision of the Pilates Center.

Program Options

The Pilates Center offers several different programs, each created to suit students with different time availability and goals. Go to The Pilates Center website for detailed information regarding the center and the various training programs.

  • Intermediate: 450-hour comprehensive teacher training program which takes 9 months to complete. This may be the most appropriate program for MFA students to pursue while simultaneously completing the MFA requirements
  • Intermediate Plus: 600-hour comprehensive teacher training program which takes 12 months to complete
  • Advanced: This is the original program they have offered for over 25 years and it is a 950-hour comprehensive teacher training program which takes 12-18 months to complete

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