Published: Sept. 6, 2019

Exerpty from Sam Linnerooth article Published: Sept. 5, 2019

"Lyndie Raymond was working in advertising in 2017 when she heard about something new that offered her a change of direction. She decided to apply for a spot in CU Boulder’s first-ever Experience Design MFA cohort. A year later, she arrived on campus, and not long after that, found herself packing into a university van leaving Boulder for New Mexico with six other students. 

The group embarked on the six-hour drive to visit Meow Wolf—an immersive art experience in Santa Fe. It was a perfect example of real-world “experience design,” a type of design aimed at telling stories through spaces. In Meow Wolf’s case, the design thrives on the alien and surprise, and it became inspiration for the cohort’s most ambitious project.

Virtue of Reality, a free production running from Sept. 20-22, will transport audiences to a dystopian future in Carlson Gymnasium on CU Boulder’s campus. The project design mirrors the Meow Wolf experience, with audience members encouraged to explore the space and interact directly with actors and their surroundings."

Students standing in a gym in a circle crossing their arms.


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