Current Degree-Seeking Students

If you received an academic suspension at the end of the spring 2019 semester, you can still register for Summer Session through MyCUInfo. Once your summer coursework is complete, you may be able to contact your dean’s office and have the hold released.

If you have problems or questions concerning online registration, contact the Office of the Registrar at 303-492-6970 or

Current Nondegree Students

Individuals interested in enrolling in CU Boulder summer courses without pursuing a degree at the university may do so by term-activating for the summer semester in MyCUInfo or by contacting Continuing Education at 303-492-5148. 

If you are a nondegree student thinking about applying to CU Boulder as an undergraduate degree student in the future, you may transfer an unlimited number of credits taken as a nondegree student on any CU campus. However, applicability of these credits toward degree requirements is established by individual schools and colleges. Consult the dean’s office of the school or college you plan to enter for further information.

If you enroll in summer classes and change your mind, you may be assessed a financial penalty. See the withdrawal section and call Continuing Education at 303-492-5148 for more information.

Enrollment Dates

Student Group Date
Seniors Wednesday, March 6
Juniors Thursday, March 7
Sophomores Friday, March 8
Freshmen Friday, March 8
Graduate, law and business graduate students Thursday, March 7
Guest and nondegree students Monday, March 11

Log in to MyCUInfo and click Your Enrollment Dates to view your assigned enrollment dates. 
  1. Log in to MyCUInfo
  2. Click Register for Classes
  3. If prompted, select the term: Summer 2019 UC Boulder
  4. Complete the preregistration items
  5. Log in to CU Boulder Class Search to find your courses
  6. Use the Search Classes panel to specify the term and one or more additional search criteria, then click Search Classes
  7. To add a class to your cart, click Add to Cart or, if multiple selections are offered, select the section you want and click Add to Cart
  8. In your shopping cart, click Continue to Enrollment
  9. If prompted, select the term you're enrolling in, then click Continue
  10. Scroll down to the UC Boulder Shopping Cart block and click the checkbox next to each class you want to enroll in
  11. Click Add Selected Classes
  12. Confirm your selection(s) and click Finish Enrolling
  13. Verify your schedule by click on the My Class Schedule tab
  14. Be sure exit the web registration site when finished.

If you are registering for a lecture course that has a required recitation and/or lab, be sure to select both sections in MyCUInfo. You can identify these linked courses in the course listing. Once you select the lecture, the system prompts associated recitations of labs.

If you would like to take an independent study, thesis or doctoral dissertation hours (with a 900-level section number), you must contact the department for permission before you can enroll. Enrollment in these courses is limited by each department.

You have through July 7 to register for independent study course work and thesis hours. While these sections are listed as Session D, they follow the add/drop/withdrawal deadlines for Session B.

The maximum credit load allowed for most colleges and schools during Summer Session is 16 credit hours. Law students may register for no more than 8 credit hours, and graduate students in the School of Education may register for no more than 9 credit hours.

Most courses are taken for a letter grade (A, B, C, D or F), but you may choose a different credit or grading basis, pass/fail or no credit. Independent study courses, and occasionally regular courses, are offered on a variable-credit basis. Students must designate the number of credit hours they wish to receive for the course at the time of registration. Visit the CU Boulder Catalog website for more information about these options.

The deadlines for making grading-basis changes in MyCUInfo vary by session. See the Session Calendars for more information.

If you are eligible to take a course but find it is full, you may be able to waitlist. Placing your name on a waitlist does not guarantee enrollment in a course. If you are enrolled, you will receive an email notification. Visit the Office of the Registrar website for more information.

Waitlist deadlines in summer vary by session. Refer to the Session Calendars section for details on the last day to add your name to a waitlist as well as when the waitlist is canceled.