Current Degree-Seeking Students

If you're placed on an academic suspension at the end of the spring 2024 semester, you can still register for Summer Session through CU Boulder Class Search prior to receiving the suspension hold. After the final summer grading deadline, if your CU cumulative GPA increases to 2.0 or higher, your academic record will be updated by the Registrar's Office to reflect good academic standing, and your suspension hold will be released.

If you have an academic suspension or academic dismissal hold, you are eligible to enroll using the Course Request Form.

If you are on academic suspension, contact or 303-492-5148 for questions concerning registration. All other degree-seeking students should contact the Office of the Registrar at or 303-492-6970 for questions concerning registration.

Current Non-Degree Students

If you're thinking about applying to CU Boulder as a degree-seeking undergraduate student in the future, you may transfer an unlimited number of credits taken as a non-degree student on any CU campus; however, the applicability of these credits toward degree requirements is established by individual schools and colleges. Consult with a pre-transfer advisor for further information.

If you enroll in summer classes and then change your mind, you may be assessed a financial penalty for the classes you dropped. See the Withdrawal section or call Continuing Education at 303-492-5148 for more information.

Enrollment Dates

Student Group Date
Seniors Wednesday, March 6
Juniors Thursday, March 7
Sophomores Friday, March 8
First-year Friday, March 8
Graduate, law and business graduate students Thursday, March 7
Guest and nondegree students Monday, March 11

Follow the step-by-step instructions on the Office of the Registrar website to search for and enroll in classes.

If you are registering for a lecture class that has a linked recitation and/or lab, the system will prompt you to add that component.

If you would like to take an independent study course or register for thesis or doctoral dissertation hours (900-level section numbers), you must contact the department for permission before you can enroll. Enrollment in these courses is limited by each department.

You have through July 12 to register for independent study coursework and thesis hours. While these sections are listed as Session D, they follow the add/drop/withdrawal deadlines for Session B.

The maximum credit load allowed by most colleges and schools during Summer Session is 16 credit hours. Graduate students in the School of Education may register for no more than 9 credit hours.

When you add a class to your shopping cart, you'll be prompted to select from the available class options. The deadline to change your grade mode varies by session; see the Session Calendars for details.

Independent study and occasionally regular courses are offered on a variable-credit basis. You must designate the number of credit hours you wish to receive for the course at the time of registration. Visit the CU Boulder catalog for more information about these options.

When a class is full but registration is still open, some departments allow students to join a waitlist to be automatically enrolled in the class if a seat becomes available and the student meets the prerequisites. Placing your name on a waitlist does not guarantee you'll be enrolled in that class.

If you're automatically enrolled from the waitlist, you'll receive an automated email confirmation. If you don’t get enrolled off the waitlist then you’ll lose access to the class when the waitlists are canceled after the add deadline. Visit the Office of the Registrar website for more information.

Waitlist deadlines vary by session; see the Session Calendars for details on the last day to add your name to a waitlist and when the waitlist is canceled.

Special Session Limitations

Summer at CU Boulder is an exceptional time of year! Summer Session classes provide students with a number of flexible options not available the rest of the academic year. However, there are limitations to certain sessions that you need to keep in mind when registering.

Maymester and Augmester

Undergraduate degree-seeking students, new graduate students and non-degree students may enroll in only one Maymester and/or one Augmester class each summer. You may be enrolled in other sessions as long as the course times don't overlap. Maymester and Augmester sessions are designed for experienced college students. Due to that, we do not recommend that High School ACCESS students enroll in these sessions. If you have questions regarding High School ACCESS summer enrollment, contact

Variable Sessions

Classes in Variable Sessions do not follow a typical session schedule. These classes can meet on any days within Summer Session, so be sure to check the beginning, end and final exam dates before enrolling in a Variable Session class.

Independent Study and Thesis Hours

Any class with a 700- or 800-level section number has controlled enrollment. If you try to register for one of these classes, you will receive an error message. Instead, contact your department administrator or advisor for enrollment instructions. 

Intercampus Enrollment in Summer

Degree-seeking CU Boulder students may request up to two classes totaling no more than six credits on another CU campus as long as they remain enrolled in at least one main campus Summer Session class at CU Boulder. The classes taken on a host CU campus must be required for your CU degree and must not be offered at CU Boulder during that term.

The Office of the Registrar enrolls eligible students in classes at other CU campuses only after all CU students have had a chance to register at their home campus. Boulder students pay Boulder tuition rates for all classes.

See the Office of the Registrar website for more information about the intercampus enrollment program.