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Maymester & Augmester

One Class. 3 credits. 3 weeks.

These three-week sessions are separate, intensive terms offered throughout the summer. Given their rigorous nature, undergraduate degree-seeking students, new graduate students, and nondegree students may enroll in only one class in each of these sessions. Complete a core or major requirement and still have most of your summer to work, study, travel, or participate in an internship.

The classes are smaller, more interactive and focused, which leads to a greater sense of community in the classroom. Material is covered quickly, but the longer class periods allow for in-depth discussion.

Given the accelerated pace, you should:

  • Plan to study three to six hours each day on your own,
  • Attend class every day; missing a day during Maymester or Augmester is like missing a week of class in the fall and spring semesters,
  • Not add a class you have not attended from the first day.

Many of CU Boulder’s most popular and sought-after classes are offered during these sessions. Maymester is Session M and Augmester is Session G in the course listings. All Maymester classes are section 001 and all Augmester classes are section 050, unless otherwise noted. For more information about Maymester and Augmester enrollment restrictions, visit the Special Session Limitations page.

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