If you're expecting to complete your degree requirements in spring or summer, submit your graduation application by the publication deadline (April 1) to have your name included in that academic year's commencement program (see Graduation & Commencement).

Submit Your Application

  1. Log in to MyCUInfo.

  2. On the Academics / Schedule tab, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Apply for Graduation.

  3. For your Academic Institution, select CUBLD.

  4. For your Expected Graduation Term, choose the term in which you expect to complete your degree requirements (NOTE: Terms are listed in alphabetical order, not chronological.)

  5. Click Select Program.

  6. Click the link for the academic program from which you’re applying to graduate. (NOTE: You can’t apply to graduate for certificates or licensures. If you’re pursuing a dual degree, you must submit a separate application for the each program.)

  7. Review the displayed academic information. If it’s accurate, click Information Is Correct.

  8. Click Apply for Graduation.

  9. Review your name. If you want to modify it, click Change Name, then Add Name. Once you save it name, this new name will be your diploma name.

  10. Once you're happy with your name, click the Approve Diploma Name checkbox.

  11. Review your address. Diplomas are mailed approximately eight weeks after the commencement ceremony. If the address shown is not where your diploma should be mailed at that time, click Change Address to create a new diploma address. (NOTE: The post office does not forward diplomas if your address changes.)

  12. Once you're happy with your address, click the Approve Diploma Address checkbox.

  13. Review all information presented.

  14. Click Apply for Graduation to submit your application.

Edit Your Submission

  1. Log in to MyCUInfo.

  2. On the Academics / Schedule tab, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Apply for Graduation.

  3. In the Graduation Application Status table, click View Application.

  4. You can do several things from this page:

    • To change your name, click Update Diploma Name.

    • To change your address, click Update Diploma Address.

    • To change your graduation term, click Cancel Application, then click Yes, and submit a new application.

About Your Status

Your application status should remain as In Review until after the degree conferral date for your graduation term.* After that date, your department will review your records to determine whether you've completed your graduation requirements. Depending on what they find, they'll change your status to either Accepted or Denied.

  • If your status is Accepted, then you've completed your degree requirements and will receive your diploma in the mail.

  • If your status is Denied, then you haven't completed your degree requirements and have not graduated from CU Boulder. Please contact your advisor for more information.

*If your status is changed to Accepted before the end of your graduation term, then that simply means that the department has received your application; they have not confirmed whether you've met your degree requirements.