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A micro-credential is a small program that allows you to gain relevant skills that are needed in today's workforce. Micro-credentials are smaller than a degree or certificate and can be earned in as little as one semester. 

Micro-credentials may be offered for credit, but most are not. Students who complete a micro-credential program for credit will receive a notation on their academic transcript as well as a digital badge. Students who complete a noncredit program will receive a digital badge.

Digital Badges

Digital badges provide concrete evidence of the skills and competencies you've developed inside and outside the classroom, and gives you a way to share your abilities online that's simple, trusted and easily verified.

CU Boulder has partnered with Credly to translate your demonstrated learning outcomes into badges that are issued and managed through Credly at no cost to you.

Credly's technology is based on Open Badge Standards (maintained by IMS Global) that enable you to digitally manage, share and verify your competencies.

    How to Earn Them

    Follow the link below to learn about micro-credentials currently offered at CU Boulder, including eligibility and activity requirements.

    View CU Boulder's micro-credential offerings

    Once you successfully prove your competency in one of the above skills or subject areas, you'll receive instructions for claiming your badge and setting up your Credly account.

    How to Use Them

      Once you've earned a badge, you can use Credly to:

      • Configure your privacy settings.
      • View labor market insights based on your skills to learn which employers are hiring, what job titles you might be qualified for, salary ranges and more.
      • Search and apply for job opportunities with just a few clicks.
      • Export your badges and store them on another Open Badge Infrastructure (OBI)-compliant sites (e.g., Mozilla backpack).

      You can also share your badge(s) directly from Credly to LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook, or display them on your website or in your email signature.

      Anyone who clicks your badge can view the associated competencies and verify its authenticity.