Now that the Bolder Boulder has shifted to the fall you have the perfect amount of time to get prepared. We have put together the ideal running program, particularly now that social distancing is the way to train.

Our certified instructor, Isabella, has crafted both beginner and advanced level running workouts to help you prep for any 10k. Each week, we will post a new workout on our site moving you along in your training as well as providing you with tracking cards for motivation along the way. Below is an introductory video where Isabella explains everything involved in your new 10k Training Program.

8 Week Running Plan

We have included running workouts and drills for both performance and beginner level runners. The performance workouts are for those who can comfortably run 6.2 miles. The ability based workouts or for those who are new to running. Included in the plan are mobility and core workout suggestions for cross training, which can be found on the Fitwell Virtual Classes website.

Every week, we will release another portion of the 8 Week Running Plan that will get you into 10k shape. Check in regularly to make sure you don't miss an update!

Week One

In this week, we encourage all runners at every level to participate in core workouts, yoga or mat pilates, and lay out a detailed running plan to start your training off right.

Week Two

With week two of the 8 Week Running Program, we introduce more interval-based training, including surges and sets of 200m and 400m runs. 

Week Three

The training program continues to amp up! At this point you should be running between 2 miles and 4.5 miles as teh bulk of your workout.

Week Four

We increase intensity once more! This week features runs on hills and guided meditation.

Week Five

The highlight of this week's training program is a day with between 10-14 400m runs. 

Week Six

Week Six continues the interval runs along with longer distance runs on Friday.

Week Seven

Guided meditation starts off this week's workouts. 

Week Eight

The final steps to getting your 10k going right! Make sure you take your time and don't hurt yourself.

10k Training Library

We will be regularly uploading useful videos to our 10k Training Library. These videos include: 

Introduction to the Training Program

An explanation of how this 10k training program is designed. 

Warm Up Drills

Isabella shows you how to properly warm up before your workout. This is a detailed video that will help you open up your core, engage your muscles, and stretch before you start a workout. 


Though it may seem like a straightforward thing, Isabella discusses how to effectively breathe to control your heartrate during intense exercise. 


A great way to warm up for a workout, striders also help with your running form.