Groups or individuals renting facilities from CU Boulder Recreation Services agree to follow the policies below. 

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I. General Use Policies

  1. CU Recreation Services General Policies apply to Department facilities, programs and services in the Recreation Center, Bear Creek Recreation Center, Outdoor Field and Ropes Course usage. The Event Sponsor agrees to abide by and conform to all rules, regulations and policies set forth by CU Recreation Services for the use of its facilities and equipment for the management of said premises. These policies will be provided to the Event Sponsor.
  2. All Participants using CU Recreation Services facilities participate at their own risk. The University of Colorado Boulder and CU Recreation Services are not responsible for financial costs and liabilities related to health services resulting from ill health or injury, including death, incurred during use of the CU Recreation Services facilities.
  3. The CU Recreation Services staff reserves the right to deny entry to anyone displaying inappropriate behavior, including belligerence or intoxication.
  4. Minors in the building 15 years and younger must have adult supervision/monitors with them at all times.
  5. Event Sponsor is responsible for the behavior of their Participants while using the CU Recreation Services Facilities, including the cost of any damages resulting from disorderly conduct or misuse of equipment.
  6. All pool areas require a lifeguard on deck at all times with a ratio of 25 Participants to one lifeguard. Two lifeguards are required for opening or closing a pool.
  7. CU Recreation Services strongly encourages Event Sponsors to provide athletic trainers for camps and contact information for trainers may be provided upon request. All costs are the responsibility of Event Sponsor.
  8. An additional fee for early opening or late closing beyond regular building hours will be charged to the Event Sponsor, including additional per hour fees for CU Recreation Services security, custodian and supervision personnel.

II. Facility Reservation, Changes & Cancellation Policy

  1. The Meeting/Classroom Facility section of this document has been reserved for the use of the Event Sponsor by the Department. The Department reserves the right to substitute a comparable recreation facility due to changes in availability or size needed.
  2. Cancellation of any facility or time slot requires 14 days written notice or a cancellation fee of 25% of reserved facility rental costs will be applied to the final invoice. Cancellations must be made in writing via E-mail to the Department. Summer field reservations require 30 days written notice or 50% of the total will be applied.
  3. All changes to facility reservations must be made by the Event Sponsor at least seven days prior to the reservation or a late fee of $25 may be applied in addition to rental costs. Changes will be accommodated on a space-available basis. Changes must be made in writing via Email to the Department.
  4. When scheduling an inclement weather back-up facility, the Event Sponsor agrees to pay 25% of the total back-up facility rental charge. If back-up facility is cancelled 7 days prior to the event, no charge will be applied. If the back-up facility is used on the day of the event, Event Sponsor agrees to pay the full amount of the facility used in addition to 25% of the original facility rental amount. Should CU Recreation Services need to cancel facility due to weather or field conditions, the fee will be waived.
  5. The Event Management Form (EMF) approved by the Associate Director of Events and Facility Operations must receive all appropriate authorized campus signatures by the deadline specified on the EMF in order to finalize reservations. 

III. Facility and Field Damage Policy

  1. Event Sponsor agrees to clean and return the rented facility in the same condition it was received. The Event Sponsor agrees to pay clean up and repair costs which includes damage to outdoor fields and will be liable for all repairs or damage beyond normal wear and tear. The Event Sponsor may also be liable for lost revenue to CU Recreation Services due to field or facility closures for repairs and damage resulting from Event Sponsor use. Costs are typically $1.50-$2.00 per/foot which can result in damage charges well in excess of $100,000.

IV. Outdoor Field Use

  1. Field lighting, marking, painting, goals, nets, and other equipment, when available, may be provided for set fees if requested in advance, at the time of walk-through with CU Recreation Services.
  2. In the event of inclement weather when the field is wet to the point that play will cause damage, the group must cancel play or game and not use the field. Event Sponsor has a responsibility to recognize a change in field conditions which may require vacating the field immediately in order to minimize damage to campus landscape. Assistance in making this decision will be provided by CU Recreation Service. CU Recreation Services has the final decision in the need to vacate a field. The Event Sponsor will be liable for all repairs or all field damage beyond normal wear and tear. If Event Sponsor does not request CU Recreation Services assistance in making this decision, then Event Sponsor expressly agrees to be liable for all damages. Inclement weather back-up facility is not guaranteed unless reserved in advance and will incur additional fees.
  3. CU-Boulder campus employs a lightning warning siren and the City of Boulder employs a tornado warning siren. If these sirens sound Event Sponsor has the responsibility to proceed immediately to safety and to follow the warning signs and signals.

V. Artificial Turf Policy

  1. Turf shoes or tennis shoes, not cleat or metal spiked shoes, are recommended for contact sports on artificial turf.