Within the PWR, diversity is a core value. Diversity and Civic Engagement/Service are well taught, learned, maintained, and continually improved by faculty, administrators, students and the program as a whole. The Program’s Diversity and Student Services Committee plans events to teach and celebrate diversity, such as speakers, workshops and films. We also encourage all faculty to develop courses with diversity foci and incorporate diversity within all of our course offerings. The PWR offers lower-division courses with diverse reading themes from language and gender to multi-cultural rhetorics, and poverty. Additionally, PWR upper-division course topics encompass a wide range of diversity topics: queer rhetorics, women writers, rhetoric of faith, spirituality, immigration, cross-cultural writing and film, feminism and motherhood, race, class, gender and more. As part of the PWR writing awards, we award 3 prizes for the best writing about diversity/inclusion topics in any genre at any PWR course level.  Past year prize winners are below.


Diversity Award 

Traditional or multi-modal essays written for any PWR class in any genre that pertains to diversity. Submissions may address diversity in the broadest sense, including such topics as social class, gender, sexuality, age, race, ability, mental health, ethnicity, or cultural difference.


New Multilingual Writing Award

We welcome submissions that address diversity in its broadest sense, including such topics as: social class, gender, sexuality, age, race, ability, ethnicity or cultural differences. The award is offered for outstanding traditional or multimodal essays in any genre on topics pertaining to diversity. The multilingual prize is awarded to students writing on a diversity-related topic using or incorporating multiple varieties of English, including students writing English as a Second Language. ESL students are especially encouraged to submit.


2022-2023 Diversity Award Winners

1st Place: Anonymous - Becoming a "Straightforward Case": Transgender Assimilation and the False Self
2nd Place: Anonymous - Women, Life, Freedom: Women of Iran's Protests for a Life of Freedom
3rd Place: Emily Miller - Malcom the Movement


2022-2023 Multilingual Award Winner

1st Place: Xyon Zhang - Graduation: International Parenthood and Education


2021 Multilingual Award

Yun-Ping Yang for "Perception of an Accent When Speaking Another Language". Instructor: Andrea Feldman


2021 Diversity Award

1st Place: Neil Ray for “A New Look at the Nacirema”. Instructor: Andrea Feldman

2nd Place Tie: Austen Swinton "New Horizons". Instructor: Andrea Feldman

2nd Place Tie: Brendan Thompson "What the Poor Man Says is Not Listened to". Instructor: Andrea Feldman


2020 Multilingual Award

Guillermo Reyes Martinez for “La Verdad Después De María”. Instructor: Andrea Feldman

Urja Shrestha for “Newari Language Extinction”. Instructor: Andrea Feldman


2020 Diversity Award

The DSS committee’s judges have chosen the following students for 2020 Diversity Awards.

Cydney Jardine for "Cultural Competency Programs: Decreasing Health Disparities Resulting in Implicit Bias”. Instructor: Don Wilkerson


2019 Multilingual Award

Ziwei Cheng for “Transgenders Today”. Instructor: Andrea Feldman


2019 Diversity Awards

The DSS committee’s judges have chosen the following students for 2019 Diversity Awards.

1st Place: Valeria Rodriguez for “Choosing Me”. Instructor: Petgar Schaberg

2nd Place: Holly Borland for “Ebola Vaccine Trials: The Unethicality of Current Approaches”. Instructor: Donald Wilkerson

3rd Place: Luis Ramirez for “The Wall Between Latinos and Education”. instructor: Rebecca Dickson


2018 Diversity Awards

The DSS committee’s judges have chosen the following students for 2018 Diversity Awards.

1st Place : Nicole Mattson for Pathologizing Culture Instructor: Andrea Feldman

2nd Place : Nicole Sharpe for Medical Schools Lack Cultural Competency Instructor: Don Wilkerson

3rd Place : Jackson Deakins for Smoke Break Instructor: Eric Burger


2017 Diversity Awards

The DSS committee’s judges have chosen the following students for 2017 Diversity Awards.

1st Place : Nathaniel Curtis for Denial of Equal Access: Why the FDA Should Approve Cochlear Implants for Unilateral Hearing Loss Instructor: Don Wilkerson

2nd Place : Emma Levy for Best Friends Found in Unlikely Places Instructor: Mike Zizzi

3rd Place : Kaycee Maas for The Not-So-Invisible Glass Ceiling Instructor: Andrea Feldman


2016 Diversity Awards

The DSS committee’s judges have chosen the following students for 2016 Diversity Awards.

1st Place : Caia Dolan for Going Home Instructor: Andrea Feldman

2nd Place : Maanasa Srinivasan for The Lunchbox Instructor: Alex Fobes

3rd Place : Adan Orozco for “Rooted” Instructor: Tracy Ferrell

Judges: Andrea Stith, Sarah McQuate, and Catherine Lasswell