Awards submission periods run from February of the previous year to March of the awarding year.

For more information on our writing awards, or to submit your work, please visit the PWR Student Resources page.

First Year Writing

Upper Divison Writing

Diversity Writing

First Year Writing
  • 1st Place: Nico HaBa - No Longer My Story: The College Essay and Privilege
    2nd Place: Finn Cruit - Pseudoscience in My Life: How It's Affecting Our Response to Climate Change
    3rd Place: Alexander Ashby - The First of Many
  • 1st Place: Deelia Sherman - Painting the Town: How Graffiti Gives a Voice to the Voiceless
    2nd Place: Casey Brengan - Whose Culture is it Anyway? Museum Artifact Repatriation and the Academic Spiral Over Cultural Property
    3rd Place: Annika Schon - The Dire Need for the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act
  • 1st Place: Matthew Labay - Getting Some Air
    2nd Place: Megan McLemore - The Show About Nothing
    3rd Place: Leah Abrahamsson- Uneasiness, Dread and a Rapid Heartbeat
  • 1st Place: Jacob Beauprez - The Assay: Psilocybin Legalization in Colorado
    2nd Place: Benjamin Lau - Faith and Diabetes: My Journey
    3rd Place: Josh Taylor- Find Your Why

Upper Divison Writing
  • 1st Place: Jasmine Blustein - So Long, CD's Wings
    2nd Place: Jennifer Bockius - The Influence of Microgravity on Muscles in the Human Body
    3rd Place: Miarabelle Riley - Unwriting a Myth: Wild Horses in the United States
  • 1st Place (TIE): Camille LaRocca - A Mirror I Refuse to Look Into
    1st Place(TIE): Emily Colgan - What is Megargel?
    3rd Place: Vivian Luckiw - Are you better?
  • Fall 2022: Jim Grady - The Effect of Scientific Popularizations on Polyps
    Summer 2022: Ethan Miles - Relinquishing the Grip of Copyright on Creative Growth
    Spring 2022: Abigail Rindfuss - Astronaut Attire
  • 1st Place: Jim Grady, Regan Fenske, Josh Miller, & Kevin Pipich - Assessment of Academic Services for Mechanical Engineering Students
  • 1st Place: Benjamin Chastain - Access for the Everyman | Unlocking Private Closures of America's Public Lands
  • 1st Place: María Correa González
    2nd Place: Taylor Henderson

Diversity Writing
  • 1st Place: Anonymous - Becoming a "Straightforward Case": Transgender Assimilation and the False Self
    2nd Place: Anonymous - Women, Life, Freedom: Women of Iran's Protests for a Life of Freedom
    3rd Place: Emily Miller - Malcom the Movement
  • 1st Place: Xyon Zhang - Graduation: International Parenthood and Education