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Journal Twenty Twenty

All CU undergrads can learn (without prior experience) how to publish a journal in print and online, taking WRTG 2090, "Journal Twenty Twenty." Created by undergrads for undergraduate Creative Nonfiction, Journal Twenty Twenty is the only publication in the country satisfying all four of these criteria:

  • We publish only Creative Nonfiction--in all its forms, from Satire to Memoir to New Journalism to Critical Ethnography to Travel Writing, even Creative Graphic Nonfiction.
  • All writing is done by CU Undergraduates.
  • All Artwork, Layout, and Design, as well as Editorial and Digital Production work is done by CU Undergraduates.
  • We seek online growth, but publish a beautiful print journal each Fall and Spring semesters.

In learning to solicit good submissions, and then edit, publish, market, and advertise the university's home for Creative Nonfiction, students develop critical skills that translate to multiple majors, a variety of career paths, and strong resumes. Our multi-modal journal extension online furthermore adds to the digital literacy and rhetorical knowledge necessary to publish in print. Students can see our website at journal2020.com and may reach current student Staff and Faculty Advisors through our email at journal2020@colorado.edu and through our Facebook page.

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Occasions Online is a collection of prize-winning works written by students in the Program of Writing and Rhetoric (PWR) classes. For over a decade, the PWR (formerly UWRP) has honored strong student writing with their print edition of Occasions, and Occasions Online continues in that tradition. Click on each cover photo to read the stories!

Occasions 2016

Lower-Division Prize Winners
  • Casey Crowley, Creative Nonfiction, Winner
    "The Catalyst of Life"
  • Caia Dolan, Diversity, 1st Place Winner
    "Going Home: An Overview of Youth Homelessness in America"
  • Maanasa Srinivasan, Diversity, 2nd Place Winner
    "The Lunchbox"
  • Adan Orozco Balderrama, Diversity, 3rd Place Winner
  • Brigitte Beck, Multimodal, 1st Place Winner
    "Neuroscience Major"
  • Brent Assayagh, Multimodal, 2nd Place Winner
    "A Lost Item or A Painful Friendship?"
  • Julia Casey, First Year Writing, 1st Place Winner
    "Veggies in the Sky: How Vertical Farms Can Help Feed the World"
  • Kupaaikekaiao Thomas, First Year Writing, 2nd Place Winner
    "Who Are the Read Protectors?"
  • Shirley Ye, First Year Writing, Honorable Mention
    "How Deceptive Packaging Causes Less Healthy Food Consumption"
Upper-Division Prize Winners
  • Bree Pyee, Creative Nonfiction, Winner
  • Ellie Cohn, Arts & Science, 1st Place Winner (tie)
    "Medical Ethics and Paternalism: A Response to Caplan’s Egg Freezing Critique"
  • Noah Stein, Arts & Science, 1st Place Winner (tie)
    "215 Miles from Beaverhouse"
  • James Palick, Arts & Science, 2nd Place Winner
    "Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum"
  • Ben Feinman & Kyle Weatherbie,Business, 1st Place Winner
    "The Economics of the Olympics: Why the Olympics Need to Change"
  • Matthias Malojer, Business, 2nd Place Winner
    "HTC and Conflict Minerals: A Proposal to Improve HTC’s Procurement Operations"
  • Ben Grote, Engineering, 1st Place Winner
    "Modeling Multiphase Flows in a Novel Receiver for Concentrating Solar Power Plants"
  • Millicent Gabriel, Engineering, 2nd Place Winner
    "Great Hopes and False Expectations: The Misuse of Science to Market a Product"
  • Bruce Kirkpatrickj, Engineering, Honorable Mention
    "Don’t Trust Your Ears: Physical and Digital Sound Manipulation"

Occasions 2014

Lower-Division Prize Winners
  • Leala Smith, Argument Category, 1st Place Winner
  • Bry Kring, Argument Category, 2nd Place Winner
    "The Contradiction Within Cosmopolitan: Is it Telling Us Something About Society?"
  • Hanna Le, Inquiry Category, 1st Place Winner
    "The Color of Justice: Culpability and Change in an Era of Punitiveness"
  • Zoe Pasternack, Inquiry Category, 2nd Place Winner
    "A New Kind of 'Natural' Design"
  • Travis Cobb, Narrative Category, 1st Place Winner
    "Of Dragons and Tips"
  • Kimberly Preston, Narrative Category, 2nd Place Winner and Diversity Award, 2nd Place Winner
    "Becoming Changing Woman"
Upper-Division Prize Winners
  • Emma Salditt, Business Writing Prize, 1st Place Winner
    "Subsidizing Inequality: The Socioeconomic Effects of the North American Free Trade Agreement on Mexican Corn Producers"
  • Kelsey Harbert, Diversity Writing Award, 1st Place Winner
    "Child Soldiers: More Than Meets The Eye"
  • Jesse Wisniewski, Upper-Division Arts & Sciences Prize, 1st Place Winner
    "The Hind"
  • Saikripa Radhakrishnan, Macksion Engineering Prize, 1st Place Winner
    "Identification of the Integrin Subunits Within Bovine Chondrocyte Cells for Tethering to PEG-thiol Hydrogels"
  • Emma Gardner, Creative Nonfiction, 1st Place Tie
    "Hole-y Devotion"
  • Zach Hykan, Creative Nonfiction, 1st Place Tie
    "Destruction Through a Screen"
  • J.P. Whitehead, Creative Nonfiction, 1st Place Tie
    "Maintaining Balance at Sea"

Occasions 2013

Lower-Division Prize Winners
  • Michael Yang, Argument Category, 1st Place Winner
    "Pursing Preventative Medical Care"
  • Morgan Geiger, Argument Category, 2nd Place Winner
    "Fighting The Flightline: The AMA's Problematic View on Physician-Assisted Suicide"
  • Tessa Zangara, Inquiry Category, 1st Place Winner
    "Stand Your Ground Law: Self-Defense or Justifiable Murder?"
  • Kathryn Thellman, Inquiry Category, 2nd Place Winner
    "Do you know what you are eating?"
  • Lindsay Gucker, Narrative Category
    "Sacred Suenos"
Upper-Division Prize Winners
  • Anne Ahrendsen, Business Writing Prize
    "Human Rights in Chinese Supply Factories"
  • Kelsey Harbert, Diversity Writing Award
    "Child Soldiers: More Than Meets The Eye"
  • Zachary Foster, Upper-Division Arts & Sciences Prize, 1st Place Tie
    "A Pillar of Salt (I'm Gay)"
  • Karina White, Upper-Division Arts & Sciences Prize, 1st Place Tie
    "Jessica Backhaus: Beauty in Transience"
  • Nicole Look, Mackison Prize
    "A Nonlinear Dynamical Analysis of Asymmetries in Runners with Unilateral Transtibial Amputations"

Occasions 2012

Lower-Division Prize Winners
  • Raven Emmons, Personal Narrative Category
    "The Tick-Tick Engine"
  • Gookjin Jeong, Inquiry Category
    "The 1997 Asian Financial Crisis: An Investigation into the Economic Impacts on South Korea and Its Policy Responses"
  • Tess Lauricella, Analysis Category
    "Woolf's Gender Portrayal"
  • Alexandra Olivo, Argument Category
    "99 Problems for Danger Mouse: A Helter Skelter Moment in Music History"
Upper-Division Prize Winners
  • Richard Bohm, Business Writing Prize
    "A Responsible Look at Economists in the Finance Industry"
  • Alexandra Evans, Diversity Writing Award
    "Makeshift Patriot"
  • Breanna Hinricks, Upper-Division Arts & Sciences Prize
    "Murder, Abuse, and Morality in Trifles"
  • Nicole Look, Mackison Prize
    "A Nonlinear Dynamical Analysis of Asymmetries in Runners with Unilateral Transtibial Amputations"
  • Amy MacNair, Upper-Division Creative Nonfiction Prize

Occasions 2011

Lower-Division Prize Winners
  • Kara Bongiovanni, Argument Category
    "Hanging in the Balance: The Future of Manned Spaceflight"
  • Anna Jensen, Personal Narrative Category
    "Liberty and Loss"
  • Zach Siegel, Inquiry Category
    "Modern Iran: An Examination of the Foundations of Hostile Foreign Policy"
  • Rachel Stuckey, Analysis Category
    "Correcting Misrepresentation: On Progressive Representations of Childhood in Female and Queer-Authored Avant-Garde Cinema "
Upper-Division Prize Winners
  • Wade Holland, Business Writing Prize
    "Biomimicry: The Answers May Be Right in Front of Us"
  • Ian Milligan, Mackison Prize
    "Preventing Drug-Resistant Bacteria Through the Regulation of Antibiotic Use in Agriculture"
  • Djavan Nascimento, Upper-Division Creative Nonfiction Prize
    "Cold Felt and a Warm Autumn Night"
  • Kasey Schelling, Diversity Writing Award
    "Tuition Equity for Undocumented Immigrants in Colorado"
  • Amara Seng, Upper-Division Arts & Sciences Prize
    "From Hand to Hoof: Antibiotic Use in Livestock and Antibiotic Resistance in Humans"