Hindsight Volume 2 cover

All CU undergrads can learn (without prior experience) how to publish a journal in print and online, taking WRTG 2090, "Hindsight", formerly "Journal Twenty Twenty." Created by undergrads for undergraduate Creative Nonfiction, Hindsight is the only publication in the country satisfying all four of these criteria:

  • We publish only Creative Nonfiction--in all its forms, from Satire to Memoir to New Journalism to Critical Ethnography to Travel Writing, even Creative Graphic Nonfiction.
  • All writing is done by CU Undergraduates.
  • All Artwork, Layout, and Design, as well as Editorial and Digital Production work is done by CU Undergraduates.
  • We seek online growth, but publish a beautiful print journal each Fall and Spring semesters.

In learning to solicit good submissions, and then edit, publish, market, and advertise the university's home for Creative Nonfiction, students develop critical skills that translate to multiple majors, a variety of career paths, and strong resumes. Our multi-modal journal extension online furthermore adds to the digital literacy and rhetorical knowledge necessary to publish in print. Students can see our website and may reach current student Staff and Faculty Advisors through our email and through our Facebook page.

Hindsight Changing Skies


Occasions Online is a collection of prize-winning works written by students in the Program of Writing and Rhetoric (PWR) classes. For over a decade, the PWR (formerly UWRP) has honored strong student writing with their print edition of Occasions, and Occasions Online continues in that tradition. Click on each cover photo to read the stories!