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The WPE minor is designed to help students hone the rhetorical arts of persuasive writing and public engagement. Through a variety of courses offered through PWR and English, students will find opportunities to write in diverse genres for diverse purposes and public audiences; leverage a wide variety of digital technologies to design, produce, and distribute multimodal compositions; write in professional settings and with community partners; and write collaboratively for social change. From forwarding public arguments to designing social media content to composing for non‐profits, this minor will enable students to learn valuable skills, practices, and tools for creating, participating, and connecting as active technocitizens in the 21st century.

Contact legries@colorado.edu or ssengl@colorado.edu for more information about this minor.

  1. Earn 18 credits in ENGL and WRTG courses with grades of C- or better. At least 12 credits must be in upper division, and at least 9 credits must be ENGL designated courses.
  2. Students may apply no more than 9 credit hours of transfer work, including no more than 6 upper division credit hours, towards a minor. This is a college residency rule for an 18 credit minor.

  3. Students may apply one lower or upper division Creative Writing or Literature ENGL course of their choice to count towards the minor for Writing and Public Engagement. A list of recommended courses is offered below.

  4. Students must maintain at least a 2.00 (C) GPA in all courses counting toward the WPE minor.

  5. All courses for the Writing and Public Engagement minor must be in English and PWR.

  6. English majors (Creative Writing or Literature and Cultural Studies) are not eligible to declare an English minor.


To complete the Writing and Public Engagement Minor, all students must:

  1. Complete the following Prerequisite for Minor:

    Meet the 3 credit lower division Written Communication Requirement as required by all schools and colleges at CU Boulder.

  2. Complete 9 required credits in the following way: (NOTE: When registering, please look for WPE designation for the topic courses listed above to make sure they count for the minor. You can also find a list of courses that count toward the minor each semester listed below.)

THEORY: 3 CREDITS (Choose one of the following courses)

WRTG 2090: Electives in Writing: Writing and Public Engagement

ENGL 3377: Literatures of Race, Multiculturalism, Ethnicity


PRACTICE: 3 CREDITS (Choose one of the following courses)

ENGL 3026: Syntax, Citation, Analysis

ENGL 3830: Topics in Advanced Writing and Research

WRTG 3020: Topics in Writing**

WRTG 3045: Writing for Emerging Workplaces

**Approved WRTG 3020 Topics:

Composing Civic Life                   Citizenship and Civic Engagement               Fld Study/Civic Engagement                      Environmental Issues                 

Writing Real/Virtual Society         Writing About the Body                                  Educ/Authority/Good State                         Writing on Music                                 

Food, Glorious Food                    Myths of the American West                         Race, Class, Gender                                   Language/Power/Perception                   

Colonialism & Imperialism            Language of War                                          On the Border/ US & Mexico                      Visual Culture/Visual Literacy 

Technology & Amer. Culture         Conversations on the Law                            Consumer Culture                                      Gender & Sexuality                             

Urban Issues                                Rhetorics of Faith                                         Native American Topics                              Crime/Ethics/Justice                 

Rhetoric of Exile                           Writing About Ethnicity                                 New Media & Civic Engagement                Rhetorics of Sustainability                   

Environmental Justice                  Gender, Sexuality & New Media                  Global Justice                                             Sustainable Communities                         

World Englishes                           Writing Civic Life                                          Changing Digital Communities                   Multicultural Rhetorics                             

Education/Public Policy                Writing about Space                                    Social Media and the Mind 

U.S. Resistance Movements        ESL                                                              From Essay to Blog            


ACTION: 3 CREDITS (Choose one of the following courses)

WRTG 2930: Internship in Writing and Rhetoric

WRTG 3035: Technical Communication and Design

WRTG 3090: Open Topics in Writing (Advanced)

WRTG 3093: Internship in Writing and Rhetoric

ENGL 4206: Writing for the Real World

ENGL 4116: Advanced Topics in Media Studies

ENGL 3940: Service Learning Practicum


  1. Complete 9 credits in minor electives in one of the following ways:

  • Choose 9 credits from any of the courses listed above not being used to fill the Theory, Practice, or Action requirements.

  • Choose 6 credits from any of the courses listed above not being used to fill the Theory, Practice, or Action requirements and 3 credits of any other ENGL courses (see recommended courses below.)

ENGL 1800: American Ethnic Literatures

ENGL 2036: Introduction to Media Studies in the Humanities

ENGL 2046: Future Histories of Technologies

ENGL 2707: Introduction to Queer Literature

ENGL 2717: American Indian Literature

ENGL 2727: Introduction to African American Literature

ENGL 2747: Introduction to Chicana/o/x Literature

ENGL 2767: Race, Empire, and the Postcolonial

ENGL 3005: Literature of New World Encounters

ENGL 3006: Digital Editions & Web Publishing

ENGL 3106: Introduction to Literary Study with Data Science

ENGL 3026: Syntax, Citation, and Analysis: Writing About Literature (recommended prerequisite: completion of lower-division writing requirement.)

ENGL 3246: Topics in Popular Culture

ENGL 3031: Studies in Creative Writing for Nonmajors (prerequisite: ENGL 1191: Introduction to Creative Writing)

ENGL 3767: Feminist Fictions

ENGL 3796: Queer Theory

ENGL 4018: Literature and Globalization

ENGL 4106: Literary Study with Data Science (recommended prerequisite: ENGL 3106)



WRTG 3020, SECTION 008, MTWThF 12:30pm - 3:30pm, TOPICS IN WRITING: WRITING ABOUT SPACE, Laurie Gries



WRTG 3020, Section 104, MTWThF, Remote, 11:10pm - 12:45pm: TOPICS IN WRITING: SOCIAL MEDIA AND THE MIND, Michelle Albert


ENGL 3026, Section 100, Online, SYNTAX, CITATION, ANALYSIS, Mairead Case



ENGL 3026, Section 200, Online, SYNTAX, CITATION, ANALYSIS, Mairead Case






WRTG 3020, Section 050, MTWThF, Hybrid Remote/Online, TOPICS IN WRITING: U.S. RESISTANCE MOVEMENTS, Elia Newsom

WRTG 3020, Section 045, MTWThF, In person, 12:30pm - 3:30pm, TOPICS IN WRITING: WRITING ON MUSIC, Alex Fobes



WRTG 3020, Section 583, Online, TOPICS IN WRITING: U.S. RESISTANCE MOVEMENTS, Elia Newsom

WRTG 3020, Section 589, Online, TOPICS IN WRITING: WRITING ABOUT THE BODY, Jamal Khlifat


To recieve additional information on the WPE minor, please fill out the survey below:

WPE Minor Interest Form