FIRST YEAR           

"A Case for Standardized Testing"

John Bellipannioccasions 2017 cover

Short Form, 1st Place (only winner)


"Investigating Testimony"

Leanna Valles

Long form, 1st Place


"How Fear Causes Conflict"

Fiona L. Bartell

Long Form, 2nd Place (tie)


"Investigating the Phenomenon: White Suburban Teenagers' Love of Rap Music"

Josie Russell

Long Form, 2nd Place (tie)




"Denial of Equal Access: Why the FDA Should Approve Cochlear Implants for Unilateral Hearing Loss"

Nathaniel Curtis

1st Place


"Best Friends Found in Unlikely Places"

Emma Levy

2nd Place


"The Not-So-Invisible Glass Ceiling"

Kaycee Maas

3rd Place




"All Atheists Go to Hell"

Ellie Marcotte

1st Place



Kirk Wailblinger

2nd Place


"The Most Fickle Man in Fenway"

Josie Russell

3rd Place






"The Cities We’ve Built": Adamic Women in Meek’s Cutoff

Katie Armstrong

1st Place


"Obliged to Have a Test-Tube Baby?: Why Genetically At-Risk Parents Have a Moral Duty to Screen Embryos for Disease"

Antonia Lin

2nd Place


"Identity, Existentialism, and Self-Reflection in Two Narratives

Kiana Trippler

3rd Place




"Fracking and Investing: Understanding and Investing in Hydraulic Fracturing for Individual Investors"

Jamie Emerson

1st place


"AT&T Transparency: Creating a Better Tomorrow"

Trace Grain and RobertSeber

2nd place (team)


"The Feasibility of Investment in Seabin"

Philippe Langlois

3rd Place




"Breakthroughs in Biochar"

Evan Valencia

1st Place




No Title (two posters)

Courtney Johnson

1st Place


"My Inspiration"

Lindsey Catherine Nichols

2nd Place