No matter how you get to campus, the majority of us use the multi-use paths on campus at some point. Whether from class to class, or from a parked car to a classroom or a bus stop to home, the pedestrian portion determines the enjoyment, safety and convenience of that trip.

An effective pedestrian environment facilitates all types of users and all reasons for walking, and supports the university’s Carbon Neutrality Plan by reducing the number of single occupancy vehicles coming to campus, relieving congestion and shrinking greenhouse gas emissions.

The Pathway Safety Committee is composed of a diverse mix of stakeholders from across campus that advises CU Boulder leadership on issues related to pedestrian, bike, skateboard, crosswalk and street safety. The committee meets monthly, and has spearheaded many of the on-campus pathway safety improvements in recent years such as the Central Campus Mall Dismount Zone and the North-South Bikeway that runs along the east side of C4C and the Engineering Quad.