Graphic image of Colorado license plateYour License Plate is Your Parking Permit

A virtual permit means your license plate serves as the parking permit. License plate information is registered and associated with your vehicle(s) or motorcycle and authorizes parking in a specific lot or zone. (Note: parking at meters, pay station lots or other permit lots may require additional payment or authorization.)

Adding a New Vehicle

Virtual permits are verified with License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology through CU Boulder enforcement. The license plates of the vehicle(s), or motorcycle, permit holders plan to drive to campus must be registered. You may add a new vehicle/license plate by signing into your parking account or calling a Parking Services' Customer Service Specialist.

Cancelling Your Permit

A virtual permit can be cancelled by sending an email request. You may be eligible for a pro-rated refund.

Alternate Parking Arrangements

All lots are subject to special event parking arrangements. If a planned event or a construction project requires assignment to a different lot, you will be notified via email. The LPR will verify that you are valid in the assigned alternate lot. 

Reciprocal Parking

CU Boulder students visiting other CU campuses for official university business may park vehicles with valid UCB parking permits in designated lots on those campuses. CU Boulder virtual permit holders, having no hang tag, should contact Parking Services' Customer Service Specialists (1050 Regent Drive) during business hours and arrange to pick up a CU Boulder temporary hang tag to display for reciprocal use while on other CU campuses.

Motorcycle Permits

License plate information is registered and associated with your motorcycle and authorizes parking in a specific lot.

Overflow Lots

Virtual permits are valid only in the designated primary or overflow lot(s) as shown in the confirmation email issued with each permit. Use overflow lot(s) only when your primary permitted lot is full. Many parking lots no longer have overflow lots. If there are no spaces in your permitted parking lot, please park in an available space in a lot near your permitted lot and call Parking Services' Customer Services Specialists (303) 735-7275 before leaving your vehicle. They will place a note in your permit account, so you do not receive a citation for parking in an incorrect lot and requests Enforcement to drive through your full lot to verify that vehicles are paid permit holders, and cite those that are not permit holders.

Parking Rules and Regulations

Permit holders are responsible for compliance with all Parking Rules and Regulations.