Virtual motorcycle permits for the CU Boulder campus are available at the Parking Services Customer Service window and by phone (303) 735-PARK (7275). A form of identification for both students and employees and the motorcycle license plate number(s) are required at the time of purchase. Permits are available with a choice of expiration dates.

Lots: All campus motorcycle lots are M lots

Rate: $20/month (Also applies to mopeds and scooters)

Additional Information: This permit allows motorcycles to park in any campus motorcycle lot.

Single Permit for Multiple Motorcyles?

One permit can be purchased for multiple motorcycles. (Only one motorcycle/moped can be parked on campus at a time.)

Mopeds & Scooters

Low-power mopeds and scooters are considered "motorcycles" for campus parking and, regardless of engine size, must be permitted by Parking Services to park in motorcycle spaces. Any moped or scooter less than 50ccs must be registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles in order to purchase a motorcycle permit. Visit the Division of Motor Vehicles for details to complete your moped or scooter registration form.