Permanent Employees

Long-term Permit Options

To purchase a Faculty/Staff parking permit, employees should contact their department’s parking liaison. The liaison will begin the permit application process. To identify your department’s liaison, email the Faculty/Staff Permit Coordinator. Parking Services (PS) issues "virtual permits." When the virtual permit is activated the Faculty/Staff Permit Coordinator emails both the permit holder and their Parking Liaison.

Temporary Permit Options

Faculty and staff who do not wish to purchase a long-term permit may purchase short-term permits. Day, week, and month increments are available, and these permits may be purchased at the PS Customer Service Window located at 1050 Regent Drive or by phone at (303) 735-PARK (7275).

CHIP Permits

Discounted temporary permits are available to Eco Pass eligible employees who have held a Faculty/Staff permit for 12 consecutive months and have cancelled it in favor of using alternative transportation.

Temporary Employees

Temporary employees may purchase temporary parking permits; payroll deduction is not available for temporary employees. Purchase permits in person at the PS Customer Service office or by phone at (303) 735-PARK (7275). PS accepts cash, check or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express). 

Faculty and Staff Permit Types and Prices

Rates 2019-2020

Close Lot

Peripheral Lot

Unpaved Lot


  • Also applicable to mopeds and scooters

AM/PM Permits

  • Need to access campus at night, weekend, or early morning? AM/PM Permits may benefit you with parking near your destination. Visit our AM/PM permit page for more information.