University of Colorado Boulder’s campus is centrally located, with access to transit, bike paths and the most walkable neighborhoods in town. Taking advantage of our location, and implementing programs to enhance commute options for everyone, it is our goal to make getting to and around campus easy and efficient for visitors, students and staff.  Please join in our commitment to environmental sustainability and, when possible, leave your car at home.  

Resources for Staff and Students 

No matter how you get to campus, we provide options and resources to enhance your commute and your ability to get around campus once parked. Examples: 

  • Guaranteed Ride Home – Staff choosing an alternative commute have access to a free cab ride home in case of emergency.   
  • Bus - All full time staff receive a free EcoPass good on all standard local and regional buses. Fee-paying students can use their College Pass on local and regional buses too. The Buff Bus provides transportation between Williams Village/Bear Creek, Athens North, main and east campuses. 
  • Bicycles – From Bike Station maintenance to covered & secure bike parking, CU Boulder provides a wide variety of services to support bike commuters.
  • Vanpool –Heavily discounted monthly rate that covers the van, gas, maintenance and more. 
  • Carpool -  Use CU Commute social media ride match tool and get priority parking.   

CHIP Permits

If you cancel your CU Boulder faculty/staff parking permit in favor of using your EcoPass to ride the bus, or to use another alternate mode of transportation, you become eligible to buy CHIP permits. If you drive to work less than twice per week, the CHIP permit will give you a less expensive alternative than the monthly permit. If you need to drive two or more times per week, we suggest retaining your monthly permit.

You are eligible for CHIP permits when:

  • you are eligible for the faculty/staff EcoPass;
  • you cancel your faculty/staff permit;
  • you have held a PS permit for a lot managed by PS continually for a year.