Information about the review process for the 2023 AGeS-Grad application cycle is in the 2023 AGeS-Grad Review Context Statement.

Student Proposal Title Institution Technique
Khawaja Ahad Javed Is there a temporal relationship between the intrusion of Mount Hajdukovich pluton and Granite Mountain pluton of the Eastern Alaska Range? University of Alaska Fairbanks U-Pb
Jonathan Anaya Detrital Thermochronology of Mesozoic Strata in the Mongolian Altai: Implications of Inherited Structures for Intracontinental Deformation New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (U-Th)/He
Tristan Bench X-Ray Mapping for Enhancing Luminescence Surface Exposure Dating Scanning Techniques University of Washington, Seattle X-ray mapping for luminescence study
John Brigham Can Sm-Nd garnet geochronology on rodingites hosted in serpentinite constrain the timing of serpentinization in the northern Appalachian Mountains? Syracuse University Sm-Nd
Cole Cochran Dating Geomorphic Surfaces to Constrain the Timescale of Carbon Cycling in a Permafrost River System University of Colorado Boulder Luminescence
Samantha Dunn LASS-ICPMS zircon petrochronology to investigate the connection between the Jackass Lakes pluton and adjacent porphyry and metavolcanic rocks California State University Fullerton U-Pb
Helbert Garcia Unraveling the response of low-latitude tropical mountains to Pleistocene climate change Syracuse University Cosmogenics
Megan Gillen Geomorphological Evolution of the Provincetown Hook, Cape Cod, Massachusetts MIT-WHOI Joint Program in Oceanography/Applied Ocean Science & Engineering Luminescence
Benjamin Guerrero Revealing the contribution of climate to hillslope processes using the 14C-10Be cosmogenic nuclide pair in the western Central Andes (30-36°S) Syracuse University Cosmogenics
Abdullah Ibrahim Unravelling the nature and origin of the active tectonic pulses in the failed Suez rift, Egypt Western Michigan University Luminescence
Jordan Jensen Developing a new approach to date <1 Ma fault slip using paired U-series disequilibrium and (U-Th)/He analyses of hematite Utah State University U-series
Joshua Lee Quantifying the relationship between soil production and weathering of underlying bedrock University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Cosmogenics
Yvonne Leon Slip rate and hazard potential of the Long Valley fault near Mammoth, California University of California, Davis Cosmogenics
Payton McCain Thermal History of the Western Cordilleran Fold-Thrust Belt, southern Peru: implications for incision of one of Earth's deepest canyons Texas A&M University (U-Th)/He
Sierra Rack Timing and Paleogeography of Mesozoic Arc Accretion in the Northern Sierra Nevada University of California, Davis U-Pb
Rachel Renne As old as the hills? Investigating the age and duration of small-scale microtopography in big sagebrush ecosystems Yale Luminescence
Zena Robert Constraining the Timing of Primary Loess Deposition and Geomorphic Processes on Permafrost-Rich Hillslopes in Interior Alaska Montana State University Luminescence
Nicole Salladin Applying Detrital Zircon and Sanidine Dating to Constrain Early Eocene Chronostratigraphy and Provenance Trends in the Southeastern San Juan Basin New Mexico State University 40Ar/39Ar
Victoria Todd A Multi-proxy Investigation of Tropical Climate Variability ca. 200 ka The University of Texas at Austin Luminescence
Caleb Walcott Luminescence rock surface dating as a novel tool to reconstruct Greenland Ice Sheet history across multiple timescales University at Buffalo Luminescence
Sarah Wells-Hull Unraveling the timing and origin of enigmatic extensional faults in an ancient convergent orogen, western North Carolina The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 40Ar/39Ar
Yiming Zhang Dating the Grenville Loop using U-Pb apatite thermochronology University of California, Berkeley U-Pb

Student Proposal Title Institution Technique
Bryce Belanger Dating climatic shifts during past warm periods: Building a U-series chronology for a Last Interglacial speleothem Vanderbilt University U-series
Austin Carter A novel 234U/238U folding verification technique applied to an ice core from the Allan Hills, Antarctica University of California - San Diego U-series
Rebecca Goughnour Quantifying the duration of magma flow through two Columbia River Flood Basalt dikes using the biotite Ar thermochronometer Idaho State University 40Ar/39Ar
Anselm Krause Uplift Patterns of Marine Terraces, Cape Kidnappers, New Zealand: A Catalog of Subduction Driven Surface Deformation California Polytechnic State University, Pomona Luminescence
Aubrey LaPlante Feldspar IRSL dating of Late Holocene earthquakes in the transfer zone between the Panamint and Ash Hill faults, Eastern California Shear Zone Northern Arizona University Luminescence
Kurt Lindberg Improving Holocene chronologies for macrofossil-poor Baffin Island lake sediments using ramped pyrolysis radiocarbon dating University at Buffalo Ramped pyrolysis radiocarbon dating
Andre Mere Rock avalanches in a semi-arid orogen: spatiotemporal insight provided by 10Be exposure ages in the San Gabriel Mountains, California University of California, Riverside Cosmogenics
Nicholas Meszaros Eruption Tempos of Fayalite and Biotite Rhyolites at Valles Caldera, Jemez Mountains, New Mexico: Implications for Current Magmatic Quiescence The University of Texas at Austin 40Ar/39Ar
Shanti Penprase Signals of environmental and human-driven change in catchment-averaged paleoerosion and terrace formation in the Whitewater River Basin, SE Minnesota University of Minnesota Twin Cities Cosmogenics
Brian Penserini Testing Multiple Working Hypotheses for Large-Scale Capture Events using low-T Thermochronometry, Sutlej River, western Himalaya University of California Santa Barbara (U-Th)/He
Julianne Scamardo Sediment storage as a driver of floodplain geomorphic heterogeneity in ephemeral watersheds across the Southwest U.S. Colorado State University Luminescence
Jack Simmons Evaluating exotic vs. endemic paleogeographic models for Late Jurassic terranes in the western Sierra Nevada, California University of North Carolina Wilmington U-Th-Pb
Sianin Spaur The hydroclimate response to warming in the southwestern US across the Middle Miocene Climatic Optimum. Colorado State University 40Ar/39Ar
Haley Thoresen Eocene Basin Record of Metamorphic Core Complex Exhumation in the Western United States Cordillera University of Idaho (U-Th)/He

Student Proposal Title Institution Technique
Erin Bessette-Kirton  Birth of a bridge: Cosmogenic nuclide depth profile dating of fluvial terraces to determine the formation age of Rainbow Bridge, Utah University of Utah Cosmogenics
Xenia Boyes  Dating the Onset of the Iceland Plume: 40Ar/39Ar chronology of Baffin Island Basalts California Institute of Technology 40Ar/39Ar
Genna Chiaro  Reassessing a Supereruption: Investigating the Eruptive Tempo of the Ora Ignimbrites (Permian, Italy) with High-Precision 40Ar/39Ar Sanidine Ages Vanderbilt University 40Ar/39Ar
Lisa Duong  Temporal-geochemical transition of Miocene-Quaternary magmatism towards continental characteristics at Cerro Chirripo National Park, Costa Rica Georgia State University 40Ar/39Ar
Sarah Giles  Ediacaran detrital zircon provenance in South Australia: Implications for the age of the Shuram excursion and Ediacaran paleogeographic reorganization Columbia University U-Th-Pb
Daianne Hofig  Age Linking Middle Miocene and Anthropocene climates: novel insights from 40Ar/39Ar geochronology Texas A&M University 40Ar/39Ar
Allison Huisa  Understanding Silicic Magma Storage Using 238U-230Th Dating of Zircon and Chevkinites in a Dominantly Mafic Intracontinental Volcanic Setting Northern Arizona University U-Th-Pb
Chantel Jensen  Does forearc erosion mirror short-term megathrust earthquake cycle deformation? Western Washington University Cosmogenics
Mary Lonsdale  Temporally calibrating an early eukaryotic fossil assemblage with U-Pb CA-ID-TIMS zircon ages Johns Hopkins University U-Th-Pb
Logan Mahoney  Surficial and Geomorphic history of Reynolds Creek, Idaho Idaho State University U-Th-Pb
Eyal Marder  Testing tectonic and climatic drivers of transient landscape evolution in the Colorado Front Range using river profile analysis and 10Be erosion rates Colorado State University Cosmogenics
Lyle Nelson  Radiometrically dating the Great Unconformity and the Ediacaran-Cambrian boundary as expressed in the Death Valley region Johns Hopkins University U-Th-Pb
Oyewande Ojo  Thermotectonic history as recorded in footwall blocks of the S. Malawi Rift and N. Shire Graben border faults: Insights from apatite fission tracks Oklahoma State University, Stillwater Fission Track
Nicolas Perez-Consuegra  Using apatite 4He/3He and U-Th/He thermochronology to unravel the timing and mechanism of incision of the Cauca River Canyon in the Northern Andes Syracuse University (U-Th)/He
Elizabeth Patterson  Reconstructing precipitation variability in Mainland Southeast Asia over the last 20,000 years using stalagmites University of California, Irvine U-series
Valarie J Smith  Timing of the onset of accretionary orogenesis and metamorphism following ~ 100 m.y. of a passive margin setting in the southern Appalachian orogen Florida State University U-series
Elaine Young  Characterizing the rapid uplift and exhumation of the Fish Creek Vallecito basin, southeastern California University of California, Davis (U-Th)/He

Student Proposal Title Institution Technique
Francisco Apen Developing apatite petrochronology through high-precision ID-TIMS University of California, Santa Barbara U-Pb, Sr, Nd
Joseph Biasi Alteration of the Columbia River Basalts: Implications for 40Ar/39Ar Geochronology California Institute of Technology Ar
Tarryn Cawood Structural Controls and Timing of Mineralization in the Oro Cruz Gold Deposit, SE California University of Southern California Re-Os
Johanna Eidmann Evaluating how reforestation and hurricanes affect landsliding, erosion, and reservoir sedimentation Colorado State University CRNs
Karol Faehnrich 40Ar/39Ar geochronology of the Kaltag-Porcupine fault system of Yukon and Alaska Dartmouth College Ar
Joel Gombiner Age of Moses Coulee glacial outburst flood gravels through U-series dating of calcite cements University of Washington U-series
Lisa Grohn Crystallization and eruption history of ultramafic lower-crustal xenoliths in the north Andean arc University of Rochester U-Pb
David Hernandez Uribe Tracking the spatio-temporal evolution of the subducted Farallon oceanic slab beneath the Colorado Plateau Colorado School of Mines Lu-Hf
Ellen Lamont Evaluating Late Cenozoic Mountain Range Evolution in India's Himalayan Fold-and-Thrust Belt Oregon State University (U-Th)/He
Drew Levy Assessing the contribution of Jurassic crustal thickening to growth of the Cretaceous Nevadaplano University of Nevada Reno Ar
Madeline Lewis Timing of Mafic Intrusions Relative to Granitic Pluton Emplacement in the Sierra Nevada Batholith California Institute of Technology U-Pb
Craig Martin Detrital zircon geochronology of sediment from the Shyok suture zone in Ladakh, India MIT Detrital zircon
Kirsty McKenzie Quantifying differential uplift of the Yaquina Bay Fault, Oregon using OSL of marine terrace sands Pennsylvania State University OSL
Nikolas Midttun Relating strain localization during post-orogenic collapse to inherited crustal structure in the northern Basin and Range province University of Michigan Fission track
Erin Peck Rate of accommodation space filling following the 1700 earthquake in an Oregon estuary Oregon State University 14C
Logan Powell Zircon U-Pb geochronology and geochemistry: Evidence for the ~1.4 Ga Picuris orogeny Colorado School of Mines U-Pb
Maria Alejandra Rodriguez Mustafa Timing of mineralization in the Candelaria deposit, Chile: Implications for the IOA-IOCG continuum University of Michigan Ar
Jennifer Thines Petrogenesis of Afro-Arabian large-volume silicic magmas revealed by U-Pb zircon geochronology University of Iowa U-Pb
Kirk Townsend Linking long-term patterns of rock uplift to short-term fault kinematics and seismic hazards University of Michigan CRNs
Karissa Vermillion Spatial and temporal variations in voluminous caldera volcanism in southern New Mexico New Mexico State University Ar

Student Proposal Title Institution Technique
Emery Anderson-Merritt Bracketing slip rates on the Mojave San Andreas using feldspar IRSL luminescence dating UC Davis Feldspar IRSL Luminescence
Snir Attia Constructing an improved geochemical record of Mesozoic Sierra Nevada volcanism to test models of arc tempos USC U-Pb (LASS-ICPMS)
Katherine Guns Strain Drain along the Southern San Andreas Fault: Investigating possible strain transfer though faults of the Eastern Transverse Ranges, Joshua Tree National Park, CA University of Arizona 10Be CRN
Brendon Quirk Assessing the possible coseismic nature of paleo-rock avalanches in the intermountain seismic belt, Utah University of Utah 10Be & 36Cl CRN
Maya Stokes Role of river capture in retreat of the Blue Ridge Escarpment MIT 10Be & 26Al CRN
Kellie Wall Timing of Eruption Relative to Magma Crystallization during the Life of an Arc Volcano Oregon State University U-Pb (SHRIMP)

Student Proposal Title Institution Technique
Alyssa Abbey Arkansas River development and late Cenozoic exhumation in the southern Rocky Mountains, Colorado. University of Michigan Detrital U-Th-Pb
James Chapman Zircon δ18O Trends in Cordilleran Magmatism in the Western U.S. and the Relationship to Mantle Lithosphere Geodynamics University of Arizona zircon U-Pb geochronology and zircon δ18O isotope geochemistry
Jeremy Cordova Pressure-temperature-time evolution of the Easton terrane, North Cascades, Washington State: the record of subduction initiation. Western Washington University 40Ar/39Ar
Luke Fairchild Constraining rapid paleogeographic change in the Mesoproterozoic as recorded by the North American Midcontinent Rift University of California, Berkeley U-Pb (TIMS)
Emilie Gentry In situ U-(Th-)Pb LA-ICP-MS analysis of monazite in high-strain zones to test the extent and origin of the Norumbega fault system in the New England Appalachians, a San Andreas-type fault system. Colorado School of Mines U-(Th-)Pb LA-ICP-MS
Benjamin Klein A detrital zircon study of metasediments in lower arc crust in the Southern Sierra Nevada, California. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Detrital U-Th-Pb
James Mauch Quantifying active salt deformation in Spanish Valley, UT, utilizing a chronostratigraphy of offset stream terraces Utah State University cosmogenic radionuclide (CRN) 10Be-26Al isochron burial dating
Alexander Morelan Alluvial Fan Morphology Along Faulted Range Fronts as a Recorder of Slip Rate University of California, Davis 10Be CRN
Matthew Morris Thermochronometric constraints on the age of Hells Canyon, testing lithospheric foundering in NE Oregon. University of Oregon (U-Th)/He

Student Proposal Title Institution Technique
Mariana Bonich Developing novel methods to link source rock to sediment sink: overcoming the 'stepladder effect' Syracuse University (U-Th)/He
Aaron Bufe Investigating deformation in the wake of the Yellowstone hotspot using markers along the Snake River University of California Santa Barbara Luminescence
Jaime Delano Understanding earthquake-cycle contributions to uplift and incision of the southern Olympic Mountains, WA Western Washington University Luminescence
Shelby Fredrickson A geomorphic investigation of the tectonic transition between the Santa Barbara and Ventura folds belts near Rincon Point, California University of California Santa Barbara Luminescence
Victor Guevara Durations and rates of Archean high temperature metamorphic implications for continental stabilization and early Earth tectonics Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University U-Pb TIMS
Sean Kinney Re-evaluating the White Mountain magma series through high-precision zircon U-Pb geochronology and trace element geochemistry Columbia University U-Pb TIMS
Stephen Nguyen Is there evidence in the magmatic record from a high-standing plateau in the Great Basin? Texas Tech University U-Pb LA-ICP-MS
Barbara Ratschbacher Timescales of shallow-level pluton construction via fractionation and crystal-melt separation - implications for the volcanic-plutonic connection and upper crustal differentiation University of Southern California U-Pb TIMS
Trevor Waldien Neogene deformation at a Mesozoic terrane margin in the eastern Alaska Range, Alaska University of California, Davis (U-Th)/He
Randolph Williams Dating using the diagenetic record of the earthquake cycle, Loma Blanca Fault Zone, Socorro Basin, NM University of Wisconsin - Madison U-series