May 17, 2023: New paper in Geology by Lisa Zieman

  • Lisa Zieman (formerly Lisa Grohn) published a new paper in Geology on research that better constrains the thermal and density structure of the modern northern Andean arc. This work was supported by a 2019 AGeS-Grad award.


May 10, 2023: New DiG project profile of Bella Bennett

  • Check out the new project profile by Bella Bennett on her AUGR (Authentic Undergraduate Geoscience Research) project funded by DiG centered around using cosmogenic nuclides to measure erosion rates in Puerto Rico.


May 3, 2023: First meeting of the 2023 AGeS-Grad cohort

  • The 2023 AGeS-Grad cohort gathered on zoom with AGeS project team members Jacky Baughman, Becky Flowers, and Ramon Arrowsmith to discuss their projects and get to know each other.


May 1, 2023: AGeS Community Spotlight of Bryce Belanger 

  • Check out new AGeS Community Spotlights each month! The May Spotlight is Bryce Belanger, a PhD student at the Vanderbilt University and AGeS-Grad 2021 awardee.


April 2, 2023: 22 new AGeS-Grad Awardees announced for the 2023 cohort!

  • 22 graduate students are awarded up to $10k each to carry out collaborative reserach in AGeS Geochronology labs! Check out the funded projects here


April 1, 2023: AGeS Community Spotlight of Haley Thoresen 

  • Check out new AGeS Community Spotlights each month! The April Spotlight is Haley Thoresen, a PhD student at the University of Idaho, AGeS-2 Awardee, and an inaugral member of the AGeS Network Commitee. 


Feb 13, 2023: New blog post by DiG undergraduate student Nailah Johnson about her research project

  • Check out this blog post by undergraduate student Nailah Johnson, who worked on research that was funded by the AGeS-DiG program! Nailah was part of an AGeS-DiG project lead by Dr. Chuck Bailey (College of William & Mary) and worked in the geochronology lab at the University of Texas at Austin.


Feb 1, 2023: AGeS-Grad Proposal Deadline

  • The AGeS-Grad proposal submission portal will open December 1, 2022. The proposal deadline is February 1, 2022. For more information about the applicaton process go to the How to Apply page.


Dec 1, 2022: AGeS-Grad Information Session

Project team members Becky Flowers, Ramon Arrowsmith, and Jacky Baughman, along with previous AGeS-Grad awardees Haley Thoreson and Nicolas Perez, held an information session about AGeS-Grad on December 1, 2022 at 10-11 am Mountain Time to explain the program, answer questions, and describe awardee experiences. Click below for the video recording and the PDF of the slideshow.

October 26, 2022: New article about AGeS-DiG undergraduate research project at the UVM cosmogenic lab on erosion rates in Puerto Rico

New article on a DiG-supported undergraduate research program at the University of Vermont lead by DiG awardee Bella Bennett. The project created an experiential learning opportunity for underrepresented students in geology and geochronology. Multiple undergraduate participants presented their research at the Geological Society of America meeting in Denver.


October 7-8, 2022: AGeS-Geochronology workshop

Project team members Becky Flowers, Ramon Arrowsmith, and Jim Metcalf organized an AGeS Geochronology workshop for 1.5 days before the GSA National Meeting in Denver. Go to the AGeS Reports & Presentations page to see the workshop summary, pdfs of invited presentations, and workshop schedule.