Geochronology data provide the temporal information required for synergistic science from the mantle through the critical zone, yet National Academy reports have repeatedly highlighted challenges for geochronology data access, technical innovation, and training. The AGeS3 project will address these geochronology needs through three micro-funding programs that will make ~160 strategic micro-awards of $8-$15k each across three subprograms.

  • The mature AGeS-Grad program (up to $10k awards) will support high-impact collaborative science projects between graduate students, labs, and home institution mentors. AGeS-Grad will make ~110 awards over 5 proposal cycles.
  • The prototype AGeS-DiG (Diversity in Geochronology) program (up to $15k awards) will fund pilot initiatives to increase access to geochronology for those underrepresented in the Earth sciences. AGeS-DiG will make ~30 awards over 3 proposal cycles.
  • The new AGeS-TRaCE (Training and Community Engagement) program (up to $10k awards) will support community-led efforts to address other identified geochronology needs. AGeS-TRaCE will make ~20 awards over 2 proposal cycles.

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