Award Process

AGeS awards will generally be announced within 3 months of the proposal deadline.

AGeS awards do not go directly to the students nor to their institutions. Travel is generally reimbursed, although we also work with students for airfare purchased in advance, etc. to ease their financial burden. Lab and other processing costs are invoiced directly to ASU upon analysis completion. Significant changes of plan will be reviewed and adjudicated by the Steering Committee. 

Awardees can spend up to their award amount until the date specified in their award documents (typically within one year for AGeS-Grad awards, or within the specified 18-month duration for AGeS-DiG awards). Overruns on analytical expenses or other costs will not be covered by AGeS. Underruns on awards will be absorbed and used for subsequent awards or to cover unanticipated expenses. 

All questions regarding finances should be directed to

Additional Requirements

  • AGeS awardees and other project members participate in AGeS evaluation activities so that the project team can continue improving AGeS using your feedback..

  • Funding from the AGeS program should be acknowledged in all products.

  • AGeS should be informed of all products by sending an email to, even if the product is generated after the award duration.

  • Awardees will submit a final project profile with images from the project for posting on the AGeS website.

  • There may be additional requirements for each subprogram. These are specified on the individual Grad, DiG, and TRaCE subprogram pages.