PLC is proud to have a strong alumni mentorship program. Through our vision of creating an inclusive and supporting PLC community, we are facilitating the cultivation of relationships between current students and professional mentors. The mentor program is open to mentors regardless of previous affiliation with PLC. For our alumni mentors, the program creates a direct pathway to re-engage and give back to PLC, while also guiding the next generation of innovative thinkers and leaders.  For non-alumni mentors, this program is a link to the PLC as a whole and the other opportunities provided for our community supporters.

The mentor program seeks to:

  • Create mentorship opportunities for students and mentors to connect in a meaningful, purposeful, and organic way
  • Provide support and guidance for students' professional development through the mentorship experience and serve as a bridge for both mentors and mentees
  • Cultivate a stronger and more supportive, intergenerational PLC community by linking current PLCers to alumni who are champions in their respective fields
  • Deepen the connection between alumni and current students

As a PLC mentor you will serve as a guide and valuable resource while sharing your life and professional experiences to help pave the way for the next generation of leaders to succeed in PLC and beyond. You will challenge and support your mentee(s) while providing career advice, networking tips, job search insights, connections, and advice on balancing professional aspirations and personal life.

Interested individuals will register their profile to be included on the mentor program profile page. The registration process includes completing the brief, one-page profile form which includes a link to your LinkedIn profile. Interested PLC students will be able to view profiles and select a mentor to contact. Students will contact mentors via their LinkedIn account to further encourage use of the LinkedIn platform. PLC will make resources available via this website to students and mentors to offer support and training in building a mentoring relationship.

How it Works: The Process of Pairing Mentors & Mentees

PLC students seeking a mentor will review mentor profiles and reach out using the LinkedIn contact information received from the mentor profile form (link to: PLC mentor profile form). Students will be encouraged to connect with individuals that best match their career and personal needs. Because we believe in the value of organically formed mentor/mentee relationships, PLC does not pair students and mentors together. This connection is up to the student to initiate, and then left to the mentor and mentee to cultivate.

Once a Potential Mentor is Identified

  • The mentor will receive a LinkedIn contact request from a student
  • Once connected, we’ll encourage the student to initiate a meeting (phone, Zoom, or in-person)
  • If the connection is not a good fit, the student can search the profiles for another mentor and make a request.

PLC believes mentoring will be a positive and enriching experience. Specifically, we hope mentors will:

  • Continue to develop and hone their own leadership skills
  • Develop meaningful connections with high achieving students that are leading the way in their academic fields
  • Refine their coaching and mentoring skills
  • Experience a connection or reconnection with PLC
  • Utilize and expand their own professional network

Expectation of a PLC Mentor

  • Be mindful of PLC’s five competency categories of leadership development and seek opportunities to link your mentoring to these areas: academic and professional excellence, critical thinking and analysis, creativity, implementation, and ethical reasoning.
  • Professionalism: Approach the mentoring relationship with professionalism and respect
  • Communication: Be clear, and follow through on communication expectations
  • Guidance and support: Help your mentee to identify, set, track, and adjust goals.

Complete the Mentor Profile form

Connect the Community!

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