Dana Anderson Portrait

Dana Z. Anderson

Professor • Fellow - JILA
Research Interests: I'm interested in nonlinear optics, atom optics and optical precision measurements. In nonlinear optics, I study photorefractive systems for measurement and information processing, especially self-organized information processing. Our group is currently investigating acoustic and RF antenna-array signal processing and sensing of chemical vapors. Atom-optics research centers on the development of atom waveguides, atom "chip" technology, and the use of Bose-Einstein condensates to make practical devices. The group is...
dana.anderson@colorado.edu     (303) 492-5202
Dan Baker Portrait

Daniel Baker

Professor • Director - Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics
Research Interests: Dr. Baker is active in the space research and space weather communities. As co-investigator, coauthor, or co-presenter, he has collaborated with nearly 200 space research professionals since 1999. Selected Publications: Baker, D.N., Solar wind-magnetosphere drivers of space weather, J. Atmos. Terr. Phys., 58, No. 14, 1509-1526, 1996. Baker, D.N., What is space weather, Adv. Space Res., 22, 7-16, 1998. Baker, D.N., The occurrence of operational anomalies in spacecraft...
daniel.baker@lasp.colorado.edu     (303) 492-4509
Paul Beale Portrait

Paul Beale

Research Interests: Theoretical Physics, thermodynamics and statistical mechanics of condensed matter systems: exact calculations involving the two-dimensional Ising model, solid-liquid transitions in systems of small molecules, thermodynamic integration methods and their applications to equilibrium solids and grain boundary kinetics, phase transitions in systems of particles with soft repulsive interactions, mean-field theories of liquid crystal systems. Selected Publications: "A new class of scalable parallel pseudorandom number generators based on Pohlig-Hellman exponentiation...
beale@colorado.edu     303-492-1685
Andreas Becker Portrait

Andreas Becker

Associate Professor • JILA Fellow
Research Interests: I am interested in the analysis and simulation of ultrafast phenomena in atoms, molecules and clusters, in particular attosecond electron dynamics, coherent control and molecular imaging. My research interests are related to the theoretical analysis and numerical simulation of ultrafast phenomena in atoms, molecules and clusters interacting with intense laser pulses. Laser systems currently generate light pulses with field strengths exceeding that of the Coulomb field within an...
andreas.becker@colorado.edu     (303) 492-7825
Meredith Betterton Portrait

Meredith Betterton

Research Interests: I'm interested in the physics of cell division and related biophysics. My current projects address motor protein dynamics and microtubule length regulation, cytoskeletal active matter, mitotic spindle assembly and regulation, chromosome segregation in cell division, and disordered proteins in the nuclear pore complex. Recent Publications H.-S. Kuan and M. D. Betterton, "Motor protein accumulation on antiparallel microtubule overlaps," arXiv:1509.07219 (2015). R. Blackwell, O. Sweezy-Schindler, C. Baldwin, L. E...
mdb@colorado.edu     (303) 735-6135
John Bohn Portrait

John Bohn

Research Professor • JILA Fellow
Research Interests: My primary research centers on the theory of collisions between trapped atoms and molecules in a dilute gas at milliKelvin temperatures and below. In this novel energy regime, tiny energy splittings (due, for instance, to magnetic interactions or molecular rotations) dominate the collision dynamics. My goal is to unravel these delicate energy exchanges and assess their response to external electromagnetic fields. More broadly, I'm looking for novel approaches...
bohn@murphy.colorado.edu     (303) 492-5426
Daniel Bolton Portrait

Daniel Bolton

Instructor • EPEN Faculty Advisor (Student's Last Name: A-C)
Office Hours: Friday 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. • Office: DUAN F1033 • Research Interests My research is in the field of nuclear theory. My Ph.D. work applied Chiral Perturbation Theory to extract the up-down quark mass difference. My dissertation and the three papers I published along the way can be viewed online. More recently, my research interests lie in Lattice QCD. After working on charmed-baryon spectroscopy , I am currently...
daniel.bolton@colorado.edu     (303) 492-7368
Michael Calkins Portrait

Michael Calkins

Assistant Professor • PHYS Faculty Mentor (Student's Last Name: F-H)
Office Hours: Tuesday 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. • Office: DUAN F727 • Research Interests: My research interests can be broadly classified as geophysical and astrophysical fluid dynamics (GAFD). Some of the problems in which I’m interested are the generation of planetary magnetic fields via the inductive action of turbulent motions, and the physics of fluid motion in planetary atmospheres. Research in GAFD requires an interdisciplinary approach that draws on...
michael.calkins@colorado.edu     (303) 735-4853
Gang Cao Portrait

Gang Cao

Research Interests My research program combines a methodical search for novel quantum materials in single-crystal form, and a systematic effort to elucidate the underlying physics of these materials. Research activities in my lab include: (1) advanced techniques and comprehensive facilities to synthesize bulk single crystals of novel transition metal oxides and chalcogenides; and (2) a wide spectrum of skills and tools for experimental studies of structural, transport, magnetic, thermal and...
Gang.Cao@colorado.edu     (303) 735-4947
John Cary Portrait

John Cary

Research Interests: Physics of plasmas, nonlinear dynamics, and electromagnetics. My research is in plasma physics, beam physics, nonlinear dynamics, and computational physics. My plasma physics interests include fusion plasma physics. My beam physics interests include the nonlinear dynamics of two-degree-of-freedom symplectic maps, the use of laser plasma interactions to generate large electric fields for particle acceleration, and the electromagnetics of dielectric and metallic structures. My computational interests are in massively...
cary@colorado.edu     (303) 492-1489
Noel Clark Portrait

Noel Clark

Professor • Director - Soft Materials Research Center
Background: Noel Clark received his Ph.D. in Physics from MIT in 1970. He subsequently held the positions of Research Fellow and Assistant Professor of Applied Physics at Harvard, before moving to the University of Colorado in 1977. Research in Professor Clark's group is directed toward understanding and using the properties of condensed phases, ranging from experiments on the fundamental physics of phase transitions, such as melting, to the development of...
noel.clark@colorado.edu     (303) 492-6420
Eric Cornell Portrait

Eric Cornell

Professor Adjoint • Fellow - JILA • Nobel Laureate - 2001
Research Interests: I am interested in precision measurements and Bose-Einstein condensation and related topics in ultracold atoms. I do experiments in Bose-Einstein condensation and related topics in ultracold atoms. More recently, I've been involved with an experiment to put an improved limit on the electron electric dipole moment. Still more recently, I've started a project to develop technology for extracting electricity from waste heat. Selected Publications: For a list of...
cornell@jila.colorado.edu     (303) 492-6281
John Cumalat Portrait

John Cumalat

Department Chair • Professor
Research Interests: Experimental Particle Physics, Charm Physics, Beyond the Standard Model Physics, LHC, particle detector technology and instrumentation I have broad interests in particle physics. I am presently involved in the CMS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider studying the possibility of observing Zprime decays to tau tau. In addition I am involved in generic research involving the use of diamonds as a particle sensor in future experiments in the...
john.p.cumalat@colorado.edu     Chair's Office: (303) 492-0297 Faculty Office: (303) 492-8604
Jose D'Incao Portrait

Jose D'Incao

Assistant Research Professor
Research Interests: The core of my research profile lies on the study of correlations in few-body atomic systems, i.e., systems with three or more atoms, at ultracold temperatures. Such systems are of fundamental importance for ultracold quantum gases, e.g., Bose-Einstein condensates and Degenerate Fermi gases. Collisions involving few atoms can determine the stability/lifetime of ultracold gases and allow for the control of the interactions in the system and the access...
Sample Portrait

Pappas David

Research Interests: Quantum coherent materials have become important in magnetic sensors as well as information processing technology. For magnetic sensors, spin-based transport in metals and across tunnel barriers is important because it can increase the signal to noise and reduce the power. These devices have applications in a wide variety of fields, ranging from sensing to imaging. We have developed large (256 element) arrays and systems to make forensic copies...
david.pappas@nist.gov     (303) 497-3374
Senarath de Alwis Portrait

Senarath de Alwis

Research Interests: I'm interested in String theory, Supersymmetry breaking and Cosmology. I'm a high energy theorist whose main interest at this point is in understanding beyond the standard model physics and cosmology from the vantage point of string theory. The latter is the only consistent theory of all the fundamental interactions that we have today and I believe it is important to understand its consequences for both TeV scale particle...
dealwiss@colorado.edu     (303) 492-0511
Tom DeGrand Portrait

Thomas DeGrand

Research Interests: I study the properties of strongly-interacting systems, most of which appear in the context of elementary particle physics, with a combination of analytic and numerical techniques. I am interested in the physics of strongly interacting quantum fields. The prototype of such system is Quantum Chromodynamics, the theory of quarks and gluons which describes the strong nuclear force. Succesful calculations in this area of science predict (or postdict) the...
thomas.degrand@colorado.edu     (303) 492-8602
Daniel Dessau Portrait

Daniel Dessau

Professor • Adjunct Fellow of JILA
Research Interests: Professor Dessau's research interests center around using femtosecond optics and electron spectroscopic tools for the study of the electronic structure, magnetic structure, and phase transitions of novel materials systems such as high temperature superconductors (HTSCs or cuprates) and colossal magnetoresistive oxides (CMRs or manganites). Selected Publications: Y. Cao, J.A. Waugh, N.C. Plumb, T.J. Reber, S. Parham, G. Landolt, Z. Xu, A. Yang, J. Schneeloch, G. Gu, J.H. Dil,...
dessau@colorado.edu     (303) 492-1607
Oliver DeWolfe Portrait

Oliver DeWolfe

Associate Professor • PHYS Faculty Mentor (Student's Last Name: C-E)
Office Hours: Thursday 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. • Office: DUAN F327 • Research Interests: I am interested in string theory and supergravity, their applications to other phenomena via holography, particle physics, cosmology and quantum field theory. String theory is a leading candidate for a theory of quantum gravity, and also provides a framework for the unification of the forces of nature. It has both "direct" applications, by which one...
oliver.dewolfe@colorado.edu     (303) 492-3272
Scott Diddams Portrait

Scott Diddams

Professor Adjoint • NIST Fellow
Research Interests: My main area of research relates to the development of laser and parametric optical frequency combs and their application to optical atomic clocks, tests of fundamental physics, trace gas sensing, astronomical spectroscopy, and ultralow noise frequency synthesis. A particular emphasis is understanding and pushing the technical and fundamental measurement limits of these systems. Additionally, I am interested in the physics and technology of ultrafast lasers, including the generation...
scott.diddams@nist.gov     (303) 497-7459
Michael Dubson Portrait

Michael Dubson

Teaching Professor • Associate Chair - Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Physics
Selected Publications: “Faculty Disagreement about the Teaching of Quantum Mechanics”, M. Dubson, S. Goldhaber, S. Pollock, and K. Perkins, PERC Proceedings : Ann Arbor (2009). "Developing and researching PhET simulations for teaching quantum mechanics" , S.B.McKagan, K.Perkins, M.Dubson, C.Malley, S.Reid, R.LeMaster, and C.E.Wieman, Amer. J. Phys. 76 , 406 (2008). "3 or 4 Golden Rules of Lecture", M.Dubson, Phys. Teach. 45 , 252 (2007). "Photon-by-photon post-processing correction of pointing errors...
michael.dubson@colorado.edu     (303) 492-4938
Noah Finkelstein Portrait

Noah Finkelstein

Professor • Fellow - Center for Stem Learning • Fellow - Physics Education Research Group
Research Interests: Noah Finkelstein is a Professor of Physics at the University of Colorado Boulder and conducts research in physics education. He serves as a director of the Physics Education Research (PER) group at Colorado. Finkelstein is also a Director of the national-scale Center for STEM Learning at CU-Boulder, which has become one of eight national demonstration sites for the Association of American Universities’ STEM Education Initiative. He is in...
noah.finkelstein@colorado.edu     (303) 735-6082
Matthew Glaser Portrait

Matthew Glaser

Professor Attendant Rank
Research Interests: I'm interested the statistical physics of soft condensed matter, including liquid crystals, colloids, and biomaterials. I'm interested in the equilibrium and nonequilibrium self-organization of soft condensed matter, including liquid crystals, colloids, and biomaterials. My research involves the use of computer simulation and modeling to advance basic understanding of a variety of problems in materials physics and biophysics, including nanostructure formation in bent-core liquid crystals, clustering instabilities and complex...
matthew.glaser@colorado.edu     (303) 492-3029
Jason Glenn Portrait

Jason Glenn

Professor • Director - Center for Astrophysics and Space Astronomy
Research Interests: Far-infrared to millimeter-wave astronomical instrumentation; cosmology: observations of galaxies and galaxy clusters; interstellar medium. Selected Publications: Sayers, J., Golwala, S.R., Rossinot, P., Ade, P.A.R., Aguirre, J.E., Bock, J.J., Edgington, S.F., Glenn, J., Goldin, A., Haig, D., Lange, A.E., Laurent, G.T., Mauskopf, P.D., & Nguyen, H.T., “A Search for Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropies on Arcminute Scales with Bolocam”, submitted to the Astrophysical Journal (arXiv:0805.3151) Enoch, M.L., Evans, N.J., II,...
jason.glenn@colorado.edu     (303) 492-6073
Martin Goldman Portrait

Martin Goldman

Research Interests: Areas of current research of Dr. Goldman center around linear and nonlinear wave phenomena excited in plasmas (ionized gases) by electron and radiation beams. New electrostatic and electromagnetic wave instabilities and their nonlinear evolution are studied analytically and numerically (using supercomputers). Nonlinear wave phenomena that have been investigated include wave-wave coupling, emission of radiation, chaotic behavior, wave self-focusing, soliton formation, and other "strong" turbulence effects. Applications of this...
martin.goldman@colorado.edu     (303) 492-8896
Juliet Gopinath Portrait

Juliet Gopinath

Assistant Professor
juliet.gopinath@colorado.edu     (303) 492-5568
Victor Gurarie Portrait

Victor Gurarie

Professor* • Director - Center for Theory of Quantum Matter
victor.gurarie@colorado.edu     (303) 735-5898
John Hall Portrait

John Hall

Adjoint Professor • Fellow Adjoint - JILA • Nobel Laureate - 2005
Research Interests: Developing and applying innovative laser techniques to the study of fundamental physical constants and theories, and to advance measurement science. Dr. Hall was named a 2005 Nobel Laureate in Physics for his work on laser-based precision spectroscopy, including optical frequency comb technique. Selected Publications: K. M. Evenson, J. S. Wells, F. R. Peterson, B. L. Danielson, G. W. Day, R. L. Barger, and J L. Hall, "Speed of...
john.hall@colorado.edu     (303) 492-7843
Nils Halverson Portrait

Nils Halverson

Associate Professor - Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences
Research Interests: Professor Halverson works in experimental cosmology, including observations of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) and mm-wave instrumentation development efforts. His previous experience at Caltech, Chicago, and Berkeley has been in mm-wave studies of the CMB, including measurements of CMB temperature and polarization anisotropy with DASI (Degree Angular Scale Interferometer), and development of the APEX-SZ galaxy cluster survey instrument. His current interests include Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect galaxy cluster surveys and...
nils.halverson@colorado.edu     (303) 492-6817
Andrew Hamilton Portrait

Andrew Hamilton

Professor - APS
Research Interests: I am interested in Relativity, Cosmology, and Astrophysics. If you want to learn more about what I do, please visit my website . Selected Publications: Pre-print Server ADS Abstract Service Papers
andrew.hamilton@colorado.edu     (303) 492-7833
Anna Hasenfratz Portrait

Anna Hasenfratz

Research Interests: Professor Hasenfratz is a high energy theoretical physicist. Her research interest is the study of the properties of quantum field theoretical models like QCD that is believed to describe the strong interactions of elementary particles or the so called Standard Model that describes weak interactions and predicts the existence of the WB1 and Z bosons and the yet undiscovered Higgs particle. The perturbative (small coupling) properties of these...
anna.hasenfratz@colorado.edu     (303) 492-6972
Michael Hermele portrait

Michael Hermele

Associate Professor
Research Interests: Michael Hermele is a theoretical physicist working on strongly correlated quantum systems. These are systems, occurring both in solid state materials and ultracold atomic gases, where quantum mechanics and interactions among the constituent particles combine to give rise to striking collective behavior. Hermele uses modern techniques of quantum field theory and other tools to study the collective behavior of correlated systems. Much of his past and current work...
michael.hermele@colorado.edu     (303) 492-7466
Murray Holland Portrait

Murray Holland

Professor • Fellow - JILA
Research Interest: The Holland theory group's research is on properties of quantum gases with a focus on transport in optical lattices and on strongly interacting superfluids. The group is also working on superradiant cavity QED with group-II elements to develop a mHz linewidth "laser." Selected Publications: For a list of Professor Holland's latest publications, visit http://jila.colorado.edu/holland/biblio . M. Holland "Atomic Beads on Strings of Light", News and Views, Nature 429,...
murray.holland@colorado.edu     (303) 492-4172
Mihály Horányi Portrait

Mihály Horányi

Professor • Principal Investigator - Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Sciences
Research Interests: Theoretical and experimental investigations of space and laboratory complex (dusty) plasmas. Electrodynamic processes and their role in the origin and evolution of the solar system, comets, planetary rings, plasma surface interactions. Dust charging, in situ and remote observations of dust. Dusty plasma laboratory experiments and space hardware development. Selected Publications: M. Horányi, V. Hoxie, D. James, A. Poppe, C. Bryant, B. Grogan, B. Lamprecht, J. Mack, F. Bagenal,...
horanyi@colorado.edu     (303) 492-6903
Loren Hough Portrait

Loren Hough

Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Professor Hough currently studies intrinsically disordered proteins using solution NMR. Proteins containing disordered domains perform many important cellular functions. The aggregations of this family of proteins is implicated in neuodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases. he has developed in-cell nuclear magnetic resonance techniques to study the disordered proteins that form the selective barrier of the nuclear pore complex. He is currently extending this in-cell method to...
hough@colorado.edu     (303) 735-0529
Generic Portrait - Flatirons

David A. Howe

Senior PRA
David.A.Howe@Colorado.EDU     (303) 735-4648
Agnieszka Jaron-Becker Portrait

Agnieszka Jaron-Becker

Associate Research Professor • Associate Fellow - JILA
Research Interests: Agnieszka Jaron-Becker serves as co-director of JILA’s Ultrafast Theory Group, which specializes in theoretical studies of ultrafast processes in atoms, molecules, and nanostructures. These ultrafast processes are induced, observed, and controlled by ultrashort intense laser pulses. The laser frequencies studied range from the far infrared through the optical to the soft x-ray region of the electromagnetic spectrum. Select Publications: Non-collinear generation of angularly isolated circularly polarized high harmonics...
jaron@jila.colorado.edu     (303) 492-0448
Henry Kapteyn Portrait

Henry Kapteyn

Professor • Fellow - JILA
Research Interests: Ultrafast laser technology, ultrafast dynamics in Molecular and materials systems, and development of tabletop coherent x-ray sources. My primary interest is in developing-- and making use of-- new tabletop "x-ray laser" light sources. 20 years ago, the process of "high order harmonic generation" (HHG) was discovered, where an intense short pulse laser focused into a gas at high intensity was shown to produce light at very high-order harmonics...
henry.kapteyn@colorado.edu     (303) 492-8198
Adam Kaufman Portrait

Adam Kaufman

Assistant Professor Adjoint
Research interests: My research focuses on how to apply the tools of atomic, molecular, and optical physics to the microscopic investigation of quantum mechanics. I am interested in understanding and revealing the role of entanglement in complex quantum systems, both from a fundamental standpoint as well as for the purpose of understanding relevant condensed-matter models. I also investigate how to push the limits on our ability to retain quantum coherence...
adammkau@jilau1.colorado.edu     (303) 492-1528
Sascha Kempf Portrait

Sascha Kempf

Assistant Professor • Principal Investigator - Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Sciences
Research Interests: Dr. Kempf specializes in dust detectors and analysis with CCLDAS.
sascha.kempf@colorado.edu     (303) 735-2120
Ed Kinney Portrait

Ed Kinney

Research Interests: My research is focused on the elucidation of how the basic constituents of the nucleon, quarks, are bound in a gluonic field. At present, we still have only basic one-dimensional momentum distributions of the quarks and gluons. Recent advances, both experimental and theoretical, have opened the possibility of learning about the true three-dimensional structure. My present research program is based on using high-energy polarized beams to explore the...
edward.kinney@colorado.edu     (303) 492-0455
Minhyea Lee Portrait

Minhyea Lee

Assistant Professor
Research Interests: My research focuses on understanding collective behavior in condensed matter systems via electrical and thermal transport properties, under the control parameters of high pressure and magnetic field. The systems of interest include anomalous Hall effect materials, itinerant magnetic systems, novel superconductivity in the vicinity of other ground states, and high thermoelectric materials. We also use nano-fabrication and microwave measurements to develop novel probes for correlated electron systems based...
minhyea.lee@colorado.edu     (303) 492-1440
Konrad Lehnert Portrait

Konrad Lehnert

Professor Adjoint • Fellow - JILA
Research Interests: Studying quantum coherence in macroscopic mechanical oscillators, developing quantum-coherent networks of microwave signals for control and measurement, and implementing quantum-limited measurements in astrophysics and condensed matter experiments. Selected Publications: Generation and efficient measurement of single photons from fixed-frequency superconducting qubits W.F. Kindel, M.D. Schroer, K.W. Lehnert, Phys. Rev. A 93 , 033817 (2016). DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.93.033817 Closing a quantum feedback loop inside a cryostat: Autonomous state preparation and long-time...
konrad.lehnert@jila.colorado.edu     (303) 492-8348
Judah Levine Portrait

Judah Levine

Professor Adjoint • Fellow - NIST • Fellow - JILA
Research Interests: Developing statistical methods for estimating the performance of frequency standards and for distributing time and frequency information. My research work has two aspects: (1) Designing and implementing the statistical process that defines the reference for civilian US time, which is called UTC(NIST). This work includes developing measurement hardware for calibrating and characterizing frequency standards and algorithms for combining the data from multiple standards into a robust and statistically...
judah.levine@colorado.edu     (303) 492-7785
Heather Lewandowski Portrait

Heather Lewandowski

Associate Professor • Associate Chair - Engineering Physics • EPEN Faculty Advisor (Student's Last Name: T-Z)
Office Hours: Monday 9:00 - 11:00 a.m. • Office: JILA X435 • Research Interests: My group studies collisions and reactions of simple cold molecules. Our ultimate goal is to understand the quantum mechanical processes involved in making and breaking a chemical bond. We aim to control the reacting molecules external and internal degrees of freedom in the quantum regime. To accomplish this control, we slow down a supersonically cooled molecular...
lewandoh@colorado.edu     (303) 492-1446
Michael Litos Portrait

Michael Litos

Assistant Professor • EPEN Faculty Advisor (Student's Last Name: H-L)
Office Hours: Tuesday 3:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. and Wednesday 3:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. • Office: DUAN F819 Research Interests: Plasma, Lasers, and Beams Group: We conduct experimental research at the intersection of plasma, laser, and beam physics, with an emphasis on plasma wakefield acceleration. This research program combines local experiments at CU with collaborative work carried out at national laboratories.
Michael.Litos@colorado.edu     (303) 492-6453
Joseph MacLennan Portrait

Joseph MacLennan

Professor Attendant Rank • PHYS Faculty Mentor (Student's Last Name: I-L)
Office Hours: Monday 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. • Office: DUAN F513 • Background: Joseph Maclennan received his B.Sc.(Hons.) in Physics and Electronics from Rhodes University, South Africa, in 1980, and his Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Colorado in 1988. He then spent five years in the Physical Chemistry Department at the University of Mainz in Germany, the first two as a Humboldt Postdoctoral Fellow. In 1994 he...
jem@colorado.edu     (303) 492-7543
Alysia Marino Portrait

Alysia Marino

Associate Professor
Research Interests: My research focusses on observations of neutrinos and making measurements of their basic properties. Neutrinos are elusive subatomic particles that are produced in large numbers in places such as the cores of stars, core-collapse supernovae, and the Big Bang. My research has focussed on making observations of neutrinos, and looking for evidence that neutrinos change from one flavor to another. Studies of neutrino flavor change can yield information...
alysia.marino@colorado.edu     (303) 492-7183
Tobin Munsat Portrait

Tobin Munsat

Professor • EPEN Faculty Advisor (Student's Last Name: D-G)
Office Hours: Monday 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. • Office: DUAN F827 • Research Interests: My research follows several lines of study, including fluctuation measurements in plasmas, the relationship of turbulent quantities to cross-field plasma transport, and the microphysics of dust impacts which drive the dusty plasma equilibria. My diagnostic work on larger devices consists of data analysis and velocimetry analysis from a number of tokamak diagnostic instruments. This work...
tobin.munsat@colorado.edu     (303) 735-5596
Margaret Murnane Portrait

Margaret Murnane

Professor • Fellow - JILA
Research Interests: Ultrafast laser and x-ray science, ultrafast femtosecond-to-attosecond dynamics in molecular and materials systems, development of tabletop coherent x-ray sources and their application in science and technology. Nonlinear optics has revolutionized laser science by making it possible to efficiently convert laser light from one wavelength into another. My research exploits the extreme nonlinear optical process of high-harmonic generation, whereby light from an ultrafast laser can be coherently upshifted, resulting...
margaret.murnane@colorado.edu     (303) 492-7839
Jamie Nagle Portrait

Jamie Nagle

Research Interests: My current research is in the field of experimental high-energy heavy ion physics. The current theory of strong interactions (quantum chromodynamics QCD) predicts that nuclear matter at high density (higher than at the center of the Sun) and high temperature (hotter than at the center of the Sun) will undergo a phase transition, where the quarks and gluons are no longer confined to individual nucleons. The formation and...
jamie.nagle@colorado.edu     (303) 735-3560
Rahul Nandkishore Portrait

Rahul Nandkishore

Assistant Professor
Office Hours: TBA • Office: DUAN F619 • Research Interests: Complex many-body systems can display qualitatively new physics. The search for such emergent phenomena is a central goal of condensed matter physics. My research is focused on the search for new emergent phenomena in quantum many body systems with strong interactions and/or strong randomness. I work on systems both in and out of equilbrium. Particular topics of interest include (but...
Rahul.Nandkishore@colorado.edu     (303) 492-5404
Ethan Neil

Ethan Neil

Assistant Professor
Research Interests Lattice gauge theory, physics beyond the standard model, collider and dark matter phenomenology, strongly-coupled quantum field theory. My research interests are in physics beyond the standard model, particularly its signatures in collider and dark matter experiments, and more generally in the physics of strongly-coupled elementary particles, which I study numerically using large-scale computing. My particular interests include composite Higgs and composite dark-matter models, precision calculations of heavy-quark properties...
ethan.neil@colorado.edu     (303) 492-0513
David Nesbitt Portrait

David Nesbitt

Professor Adjunct • Fellow - JILA
Research Interests: My research includes quantum-state-resolved laser spectroscopy and dynamics of van der Waals and hydrogen-bonded clusters, time-resolved kinetics of atmospheric radicals, crossed-beam studies of state-to-state inelastic and reactive dynamics, high-resolution laser spectroscopy of jet-cooled radicals and molecular ions, nonlinear frequency generation of narrowband tunable infrared laser sources, vibrationally mediated photochemistry in size/quantum state-selected clusters, alignment phenomena, collision dynamics of gases with thin films, and development of atomic force/scanning-tunneling methods...
djn@jila.colorado.edu     (303) 492-8857
Portrait Stand in

Scott Papp

Research Interests We construct different types of atomic clocks to generate optical frequencies that have demonstrated a fractional instability approaching 1 part in 10 18 and an absolute fractional frequency uncertainty below 10 -17 . We develop laser frequency combs to connect stable optical frequencies to each other and to microwave sources with an imprecision below 1 part in 10 19 . These state-of-the-art frequency combs are also developed for...
scott.papp@nist.gov     (303) 497-3822
Scott Parker Portrait

Scott Parker

Research Interests: My research is in the area of kinetic theory and simulation of plasmas. Most of my current work is in the area of direct numerical simulation of tokamak plasma turbulence on large massively parallel computers. These simulations are done in a five dimensional phase space using newly developed particle-based methods. These calculations involve many millions of particles with self-consistently calculated electric fields. For the first time, these simulations...
sparker@colorado.edu     (303) 492-3292
Dennis Perepelitsa Portrait

Dennis Perepelitsa

Assistant Professor
Research Interests: The experimental nuclear physics group at the University of Colorado studies the properties of the strong nuclear interaction, one of the four fundamental forces, under extreme conditions. When ordinary nuclear matter is subjected to sufficiently high temperatures and densities, the sub-atomic quark and gluon particles which comprise it become free and form a quark-gluon plasma (QGP). In the first few microseconds after the Big Bang, all the quarks...
Dennis.Perepelitsa@colorado.edu     (303) 735-5493
Katherine Perkins Portrait

Katherine Perkins

Associate Professor Attendant Rank • PHYS Faculty Mentor (Student's Last Name: M-P)
Office Hours: Monday 1:30 - 2:30 p.m.; Thursday 3:30 - 4:30 p.m. • Office: DUAN F1027 • Research Interests: Kathy is Director of the PhET Interactive Simulations Project and Director of CU’s Science Education Initiative. She is also an Associate Professor Attendant Rank in Physics, specializing in PER. Her work in science education research has focused on: pedagogically-effective design and use of interactive simulations; sustainable course reform; students' beliefs about...
katherine.perkins@colorado.edu     (303) 492-6714
Tom Perkins Portrait

Tom Perkins

Professor Adjunct • Fellow - JILA
Research Interests: My research focuses on single molecule measurements of biological systems. One outstanding question is: how do motor proteins transduce chemical energy into physical motion? Another is: how does the structure and dynamics of membrane proteins affect their functions? We specialize in developing and applying high precision measurements using optical traps and atomic force microscopes to answer these and other interesting questions.
tperkins@jila.colorado.edu     (303) 492-5291
Rafael Piestun Portrait

Rafael Piestun

Professor (Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering)
Research Interests: The research in Dr. Piestun's group deals with the control and processing of optical radiation at two significant spatial and temporal scales: the nanometer and the femtosecond. Interest in this area arises from the existence of new phenomena occurring at these scales and the fascinating applications in new devices and systems. Current challenges in sensing, imaging, communications, energy conversion, and computing provide a continuous motivation for this work...
piestun@colorado.edu     (303) 735-0894
Steven Pollock Portrait

Steven Pollock

Office Hours: Tuesday 10:30 - 11:30 a.m.; Thursday 10:00 - 11:00 a.m. or by appointment • Office: DUAN F1013 • Research Interests: Physics Education Research, including issues of teacher preparation, large-scale classes, and upper-division classes. Dr. Pollock studies student learning in large scale physics classes, and the constraints and opportunities involved in replicating "proven" curricular practices, as well as issues of gender gaps in introductory physics. He heads the K-12...
steven.pollock@colorado.edu     (303) 492-2495
John Price portrait

John Price

Office Hours: Tuesday 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. Research Interests: Low Temperature Physics, Molecular Electronics, Molecular Crystals. Selected Publications: “Dipolar Rotor-Rotor Interactions in a Fluorobenzene Molecular Rotor Crystal,” Robert D. Horansky, Erick B. Winston, John C. Price, Steven D. Karlen, Peter D. Jarlowski, Rosa Santillan, and Miguel Garcia-Garibay, submitted to Physical Review B. “Artificial Dipolar Molecular Rotors,” R. D. Horansky, T. F. Magnera, J. C. Price, and J. Michl., in Controlled...
john.price@colorado.edu     (303) 492-2484
Leo Radzihovsky Portrait

Leo Radzihovsky

Research Interests: Theoretical physics of a broad range of condensed matter systems. My interests span a broad spectrum of condensed matter, ranging from liquid crystals, colloids, membranes, rubber and other "soft" matter to degenerate atomic gases, superconductors, and quantum Hall systems. The unifying theme is the collective universal behavior that emerges at long scales and low energies, driven by a combination of strong interactions, fluctuations, and/or local heterogeneity. Selected Publications:...
radzihov@colorado.edu     (303) 492-5436
Patricia Rankin Portrait

Patricia Rankin

Research Interests Patricia Rankin is a Professor of Physics at the University of Colorado, Boulder. She did both her undergraduate and her graduate work at Imperial College, London. As an undergraduate student, she was awarded the “Governor’s Prize” for graduating first in her year in Physics. In 1988 she became an Assistant Professor of Physics at the University of Colorado and the only women on the Physics faculty at the...
patricia.rankin@colorado.edu     (303) 492-1449
Markus Raschke Portrait

Markus Raschke

Faculty Appointments: Department of Physics Department of Chemistry Research Interests: Experimental nonlinear and ultrafast nano-optics. Spatio-temporal optical control, optical antennas, surface plasmon and phonon polaritons, extreme nonlinear optics, strong light matter interaction. Scanning probe near-field optical microscopy and spectroscopy, optical forces, and opto-thermal phenomena. Dynamics and phase behavior of complex oxides, semiconductor nanostructures, and polymer nano-composites. Selected Publications: For a full list of the Rasche Group's Nano-Optics publications, go to:...
markus.raschke@colorado.edu     (303) 492-1366
Cindy Regal Portrait

Cindy Regal

Associate Professor
Office Hours: Updated hours available at http://jila.colorado.edu/regal/content/teaching • Research Interests: My main research interest is engineering and exploring isolated quantum systems for quantum information and quantum optics. In particular I focus on manipulating single and few neutral atoms and the quest to control single phonons in mesoscopic mechanical oscillators. This experimental work relies upon low-loss optical interfaces and laser cooling and trapping techniques. Selected Publications: A.M. Kaufman, B.J. Lester, M...
cindy.regal@colorado.edu     (303) 492-5956
Ana Maria Rey Portrait

Ana Maria Rey

Associate Research Professor • Fellow - JILA
Research Interests: Our research interests are in the scientific interface between atomic, molecular and optical physics, condensed matter physics and quantum information science. Specifically, on ways of developing new techniques for controlling quantum systems and then using them in various applications ranging from quantum simulations/information to time and frequency standards. We want to engineer fully controllable quantum systems capable to mimic desired real materials as well as to develop advanced...
arey@jilau1.colorado.edu     (303) 492-8089
Dmitry Reznik Portrait

Dmitry Reznik

Associate Professor • PHYS Faculty Mentor (Student's Last Name: Q-T)
Office Hours: Wednesday 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. • Office: DUAN F625 • Research Interests: Professor Reznik's research focuses on using neutron, x-ray, and Raman scattering to investigate the physics of correlated electrons and electron-phonon coupling in perovskite oxides (including high Tc supercondcutors, manganites, etc.) and other exotic materials. The group of Prof. Reznik investigates complex solids by neutron, x-ray and Raman scattering. Of particular interest are exotic magnetic phases,...
dmitry.reznik@colorado.edu     (303) 492-2031
Michael Ritzwoller Portrait

Michael Ritzwoller

Professor • Director - Center for Imaging the Earth's Interior (CIEI)
Research Interests: Professor Ritzwoller is an observational seismologist. His early work was mainly in normal mode seismology and helioseismology. Research in the last decade has concentrated on developing methods to focus seismic models derived from surface wave dispersion information to tectonic scales, particularly in the US and China. Recent emphasis has focused on developing methods for exploiting ambient noise and earthquakes in surface wave tomography and combining this information to...
michael.ritzwoller@colorado.edu     (303) 492-7075
Charles Rogers portrait

Charles Rogers

Professor • EPEN Faculty Advisor (Student's Last Name: Q-S)
Office Hours: Tuesday 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. or by appointment • Office: DUAN F631 • Research Interests: Our group works in the general area of experimental condensed matter physics of thin films and very small systems. Presently, the group is working on the nanoelectromechanical behavior of nanowires and fabricated electromechanical structures, buried interfaces in photovoltaic systems, and surface molecular dipole systems. Nanoscale objects are made with a combination of...
charles.rogers@colorado.edu     (303) 492-4476
Paul Romatschke Portrait

Paul Romatschke

Associate Professor • PHYS Faculty Mentor (Student's Last Name: A-B)
Office Hours: Thursday 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m . • Office: DUAN D137 • Research Interests: Cold Dense Matter, Relativistic Viscous Hydrodynamics, Non-Abelian Plasma Instabilities, Nonlinear Gravity among other topics. Selected Publications: A. Kurkela, P. Romatschke, A. Vuorinen and B. Wu, Looking inside neutron stars: Microscopic calculations confront observations (2010). A. Kurkela, P. Romatschke and A. Vuorinen, Cold Quark Matter, Phys.Rev.D81:105021 (2010). Eduardo S. Fraga, Paul Romatschke, The Role of...
paul.romatschke@colorado.edu     (303) 492-1578
Thomas Schibli Portrait

Thomas Schibli

Associate Professor • EPEN Faculty Advisor (Student's Last Name: M-P) • Adjunct Fellow - JILA
Office Hours: Monday 3:15 p.m. - 4:45 p.m. or by appointment • Office: DUAN F527 • Research Interests: We strive to advance science and technology in the fields of optics and photonics through advanced functional materials, novel laser systems and measurement techniques. Light has played an important role during the development of many topics in modern physics. Atomic, molecular, optical (AMO) physics certainly relies strongly on steady developments in optics...
trs@colorado.edu     (303) 492-6125
Sean Shaheen Portrait

Sean Shaheen

Associate Professor - Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering
Research Interests: We carry out research in a variety of areas aimed at advancing solar energy harvesting, developing new optoelectronic materials and devices, and studying fundamental processes in biological systems. The central mission of our work is to find creative and insightful solutions to scientific problems both basic and applied, using a combination of experimental research and computational simulation to guide our efforts. Publications: For Professor Shaheen's recent publications, please...
sean.shaheen@colorado.edu     (303) 492-9627
Default Placeholder Portrait

Raymond Simmonds

Lecturer • Physicist - NIST
Lecturer with NIST
raymond.simmonds@colorado.edu     (303) 497-4403
Ivan Smalyukh Portrait

Ivan Smalyukh

Research Interests: We study organizing principles of mesoscale self-assembly phenomena that lead to creation of artificial materials and structures with emergent physical behavior and properties arising from the patterning of molecular order combined with the organization of nano- and micro-sized particles into precisely controlled configurations. These phenomena may enable technological breakthroughs in the development of flexible information displays, efficient conversion of solar energy to electricity, novel optically controlled materials capable,...
ivan.smalyukh@colorado.edu     (303) 492-7277
Graeme Smith Portrait

Graeme Smith

Assistant Professor • Associate Fellow - JILA
Research Interests My main research interests are quantum information and quantum computing. I try to identify the fundamental limits that physics places on communication, information processing, and sensing and understand the implications of these limits both in terms of practical technologies and fundamental physics. This involves finding new ways to think about information and computation, and new ideas for analyzing them. I have worked on error correction, quantum channel capacities,...
Graeme.Smith@colorado.edu     (303) 492-1031
Kevin Stenson Portrait

Kevin Stenson

Associate Professor • Associate Chair - Graduate Studies
Research Interests: I perform research with the CMS experiment , which is located inside the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. My main activity is searching for supersymmetry in all-hadronic modes. Supersymmetry (SUSY) predicts that all of the fundamental particles have supersymmetric partners (sparticles) that have heretofore been unobserved. SUSY is an attractive theory for three reasons. First, a sparticle may be the source of dark matter...
kevin.stenson@colorado.edu     (303) 492-1106
John Teufel Portrait

John Teufel

Research Interests: In our group, we engineer superconducting microwave circuits to experimentally explore the role of quantum mechanics in macroscopic, mechanical systems. Combining the tools of nanolithography, cryogenic measurements, and microwave quantum optics, we fabricate circuits in which radiation pressure forces from microwave photons can be used to control and to measure mechanical motion at the quantum level. We are particularly interested in applications related to quantum information processing, precision...
john.teufel@nist.gov     (303)497-5039
James K. Thompson Portrait

James K. Thompson

Associate Professor Adjoint • Fellow - JILA
Research Interests: My research focuses on understanding the interface between ultracold atoms and quantum optics - an understanding I plan to apply to the field of precision measurement. I am presently devising strategies to reduce the effect of the fundamental quantum noise that arises from Heisenberg's uncertainty relationship as applied to atomic spins. In one project, I work on non-destructively measuring and canceling out the quantum fluctuations in the collective...
james.k.thompson@colorado.edu     (303) 492-7558
Joel Ullom Portrait

Joel Ullom

Research Interests: My research is focused on developing superconducting electronics for sensing across much of the electromagnetic spectrum. For example, superconducting sensors can be used for high-resolution gamma-ray spectroscopy, and for the detection of astrophysical millimeter-wave radiation from the cosmic microwave background. Current research projects include very basic topics (what is the resistance mechanism in thin-film superconducting sensors?) and very applied topics (the construction and delivery of complete instruments to...
joel.ullom@nist.gov     (303) 497-4408
Keith Ulmer Portrait

Keith Ulmer

Assistant Professor
Research Interests My research is in the field of experimental elementary particle physics, which explores the fundamental constituents of matter and their interactions. I work on the CMS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at the CERN laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland. The LHC represents the Energy Frontier of particle physics by providing very high energy proton-proton collisions, which are recorded and analyzed to study fundamental interactions. My current effort...
keith.ulmer@colorado.edu     (303) 492-8162
Dmitri Uzdensky Portrait

Dmitri Uzdensky

Associate Professor • Director - Center for Integrated Plasma Studies (CIPS)
Research Interests: I am a theoretical plasma physicist with a broad range of scientific interests that include both basic plasma physics and its applications to understand various natural phenomena, usually those involving magnetized plasmas far beyond Earth. Thus, my main interests lie in the realm of Plasma Astrophysics, including High-Energy Astrophysics, but I am also strongly interested in various topics in Space Physics and Solar Physics, as well as certain...
uzdensky@colorado.edu     (303) 492-7988
Stephen Wagner Portrait

Stephen Wagner

Professor Attendant Rank
Research Interest: My current research is mostly on the CMS experiment at the LHC at CERN (Geneva, Switzerland), but I also work some on the BaBar experiment at SLAC (where I was employed from 1989 thru 2004) and on proposed electron-positron linear colliders (CLIC, ILC).
stephen.wagner@colorado.edu     (303) 735-3315
Carl Wieman Portrait

Carl Wieman

Senior Advisor to PhET
Research Interests: Carl Wieman is currently the director of the Science Education Initiative at the University of Colorado and a similar program at the University of British Columbia. These collaborative initiatives are aimed at achieving highly effective, evidence-based science education for all post-secondary students by applying the latest advances in pedagogical and organizational excellence. These efforts support work at the departmental level to achieve sustained widespread improvement in learning, based...
carl.wieman@colorado.edu     (303) 492-6963
David Wineland Portrait

David J Wineland

Adjoint Professor
david.wineland@colorado.edu     (303) 497-3295
Jun Ye Portrait

Jun Ye

Professor Adjoint • Fellow - JILA
Research Interest: Our research group explores the frontiers of light-matter interactions, where novel atomic and molecular matters are prepared in the quantum regime and light fields including both continuous wave and ulrashort pulses are exquisitely controlled. The experimental effort builds on and further advances precision measurement, ultracold atoms and molecules, quantum metrology, and ultrafast science and quantum control. We develop new technologies in the areas of high precision laser spectroscopy,...
jun.ye@colorado.edu     (303) 735-3171
Xiaobo Yin

Xiaobo Yin

Assistant Professor - Mechanical Engineering
Research Interest: We focus our research on nanoscale materials and their applications: the interdisciplinary synergy of applied physics, materials sciences, and multiple sectors of engineering. We synthesize artificially tailored nanomaterials with unprecedented properties; we explore technologies benefiting from material properties by design; and we develop devices with unique functionalities enabled by this material engineering. Publications: For a list of Professor Yin's publications, go to: https://sites.google.com/site/xblab2000/publications .
xiaobo.yin@colorado.edu     (303) 492-9689
Shijie Zhong Portrait

Shijie Zhong

Professor • PHYS Faculty Mentor (Student's Last Name: U-Z)
Office Hours: Tuesday 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. • Office: DUAN F713 • Research Interests: Our research interests have been primarily in understanding the physical processes that control the evolution of terrestrial planets (Earth, Moon, Mars, ...). Modern space exploration has provided high resolution gravity and topography data about many planets. Other observational techniques including seismology and in-situ sampling have revealed the structure and composition of planetary interiors (primarily for...
shijie.zhong@colorado.edu     (303) 735-5095
Eric D. Zimmerman Portrait

Eric D. Zimmerman

Research Interests: My field of interest is experimental particle physics, and my research centers on two neutrino experiments: E898 (BooNE) at Fermilab , and T2K at J-PARC . Selected Publications: 1. E. Abouzaid et al., Dispersive Anaysis of K0 Lμ3 and K0 Le3 Scalar and Vector Form Factors using KTeV Data,” arXiv:0912.1291 [hep-ex], submitted to Phys. Rev D. A. A. Aguilar-Arevalo et al., “A Search for Core-Collapse Supernovae Using the...
edz@colorado.edu     (303) 735-5338