Dan Baker Portrait

Daniel Baker

Professor • Director - Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics
Research Interests: Dr. Baker is active in the space research and space weather communities. As co-investigator, coauthor, or co-presenter, he has collaborated with nearly 200 space research professionals since 1999. Selected Publications: Baker, D.N., Solar wind-magnetosphere drivers of space weather, J. Atmos. Terr. Phys., 58, No. 14, 1509-1526, 1996. Baker, D.N., What is space weather, Adv. Space Res., 22, 7-16, 1998. Baker, D.N., The occurrence of operational anomalies in spacecraft...
Jason Glenn Portrait

Jason Glenn

Professor • Director - Center for Astrophysics and Space Astronomy
Research Interests: Far-infrared to millimeter-wave astronomical instrumentation; cosmology: observations of galaxies and galaxy clusters; interstellar medium. Selected Publications: Sayers, J., Golwala, S.R., Rossinot, P., Ade, P.A.R., Aguirre, J.E., Bock, J.J., Edgington, S.F., Glenn, J., Goldin, A., Haig, D., Lange, A.E., Laurent, G.T., Mauskopf, P.D., & Nguyen, H.T., “A Search for Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropies on Arcminute Scales with Bolocam”, submitted to the Astrophysical Journal (arXiv:0805.3151) Enoch, M.L., Evans, N.J., II,...
Juliet Gopinath Portrait

Juliet Gopinath

Associate Professor - Electrical, Computer & Energy Engineering
Nils Halverson Portrait

Nils Halverson

Professor - Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences
Research Interests: Professor Halverson works in experimental cosmology, including observations of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) and mm-wave instrumentation development efforts. His previous experience at Caltech, Chicago, and Berkeley has been in mm-wave studies of the CMB, including measurements of CMB temperature and polarization anisotropy with DASI (Degree Angular Scale Interferometer), and development of the APEX-SZ galaxy cluster survey instrument. His current interests include Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect galaxy cluster surveys and...
Andrew Hamilton Portrait

Andrew Hamilton

Professor - APS
Research Interests: I am interested in Relativity, Cosmology, and Astrophysics. If you want to learn more about what I do, please visit my website . Selected Publications: Pre-print Server ADS Abstract Service Papers
Mahmoud Hussein Portrait

Mahmoud Hussein

Professor - Aerospace Engineering
Baowen Li Portrait

Baowen Li

Professor - Mechanical Engineering
Michael McGehee Portrait

Michael McGehee

Professor - Chemical and Biological Engineering
Rafael Piestun Portrait

Rafael Piestun

Professor - Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering
Research Interests: The research in Dr. Piestun's group deals with the control and processing of optical radiation at two significant spatial and temporal scales: the nanometer and the femtosecond. Interest in this area arises from the existence of new phenomena occurring at these scales and the fascinating applications in new devices and systems. Current challenges in sensing, imaging, communications, energy conversion, and computing provide a continuous motivation for this work...
Sean Shaheen Portrait

Sean Shaheen

Associate Professor - Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering
Research Interests: We carry out research in a variety of areas aimed at advancing solar energy harvesting, developing new optoelectronic materials and devices, and studying fundamental processes in biological systems. The central mission of our work is to find creative and insightful solutions to scientific problems both basic and applied, using a combination of experimental research and computational simulation to guide our efforts. Publications: For Professor Shaheen's recent publications, please...
Xiaobo Yin

Xiaobo Yin

Associate Professor - Mechanical Engineering
Research Interest: We focus our research on nanoscale materials and their applications: the interdisciplinary synergy of applied physics, materials sciences, and multiple sectors of engineering. We synthesize artificially tailored nanomaterials with unprecedented properties; we explore technologies benefiting from material properties by design; and we develop devices with unique functionalities enabled by this material engineering. Publications: For a list of Professor Yin's publications, go to: https://sites.google.com/site/xblab2000/publications .