Comps I is satisfied by successfully completing five of the six courses below with a grade of B- or better:

  • Quantum Mechanics 1,2 (PHYS 5250 and PHYS 5260)
  • Electromagnetic Theory 1,2 (PHYS 7310 and PHYS 7320)
  • Statistical Mechanics (PHYS 7230)
  • Theoretical Mechanics (PHYS 5210)

These requirements may be different for students in the Chemical Physics program, Geophysics program, Applied Physics certificate, IQBio certificate, etc. Comps I requirements listed for each of these specialty programs supersede the “standard” requirements listed above.

If you have taken grad-level courses at another institution that may be equivalent to those listed above, you may be able to get specific Comps I course requirements waived by completing the Comps Course Waiver Request.