It's never too early to begin preparing for a career in Physics. The Physics Department offers a number of summer and part-time research jobs in order to prepare a student for professional development in the physics field.

The University of Colorado Office of Career Services is also an invaluable resource to help a student develop professionally and find that first job out of college.

Finding a Career

Not sure what you want to do with your degree? The Society of Physics Students offers an informational page on the possible careers using physics. The site offers profiles of individuals and how they have utilized their Physics degrees.

Pursuing a Graduate Degree

Thinking about graduate school? The American Association for Physics Teachers offers a comprehensive guide, called "Planning for Graduate Studies" for students who are interested in pursuing a Graduate degree in Physics. Students who may be interested in continuing their education at the CU Department of Physics should review the information on our Graduate Students page.

Consider Teaching

High school physics teachers continue to be in high demand, and the Department of Physics offers a degree track specifically designed to prepare a student for teaching physics. The Physics Teachers Education Coalition (Phystec) produced this video to highlight what it means to teach physics.