students working togetherThis spring, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, an ambitious partnership brought together the Entrepreneurship Center for Music, CU Boulder’s Reneé Crown Institute, Boulder Community Health, Children's Hospital of Colorado and Carnegie Hall. The Lullaby Project paired new parents with musicians to create a personal lullaby for their new baby, forming strong parent-child bonds and fostering early childhood development. In the face of social distancing, coordinator and master’s student Grace Law says the project evolved into something even bigger than originally planned. “We were able to do everything virtually,” she says. No longer bound by geography, organizers used Zoom video conferencing to work with more than 30 families from across the country to brainstorm ideas for the lullabies, while professional audio engineers and innovative technological tools made it possible for student musicians to record the original works at a distance. “The fact that we could draw on all of the skills we learn in school and turn that into something that serves the community was really rewarding,” Law says. She adds, as the only university currently partnering on the project, the College of Music’s innovative approach drew interest for its ingenuity.

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