Welcome to the double bass studio at the University of Colorado Boulder College of Music!  

Our bass students study in depth the art of solo, orchestral and chamber music double bass performance. During their time at the College of Music, students focus on rich, resonant and lyrical tone production, moving around the fingerboard with effortless left-hand dexterity, playing with a strong sense of rhythm, cultivating awareness and control of pitch and—most importantly—finding one’s own unique voice for musical expression. Students have the opportunity to develop these skills through weekly private lessons, studio performance and technique classes, symphony orchestra, chamber music and improvisation studies designed for classical players. 

At the heart of the College of Music bass studio is our commitment to empower each undergraduate and graduate student to be expressive and creative, find their musical voice, and learn to play with confidence and strength. There is a spirit of camaraderie among double bass students that creates a supportive environment, inspiring each student to achieve their best. The well-rounded curriculum of the College of Music and the double bass studio further ensure our students’  broad technical and musical foundation for achieving success in careers as double bass performers, pedagogues and more.

Susan CahillSusan Cahill

Associate Professor of Bass Susan Cahill has been a bassist with the Colorado Symphony since 1997. Before joining the symphony, where she held section and acting assistant positions, Cahill was on the faculty of the University of Denver and principal bass of the Louisiana Philharmonic in New Orleans. She is also a member of the faculty of the Colorado College Summer Music Festival, a member of the Grand Tetons Music Festival and a guest musician with the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra. As a solo and chamber performer, Cahill has performed with and is a member of several ensembles. As a founding member of Grande Orquesta Navarre and member of Extasis, she has performed across the country as well as internationally. Cahill has an active teaching career and has taught and presented master classes at numerous institutions and conventions worldwide. As a member of the faculty of the Colorado College Summer Music Festival, she is known for her teaching and coaching of the double bass chamber repertoire as well as her cutting-edge performances of the bass solo and chamber music literature. MORE