Wind Symphony at Boettcher
College of Music Showcase Concert at Boettcher Concert Hall, April 2016.

The College of Music Advantage: The foundation for a bigger, bolder and brighter future for music at the University of Colorado Boulder.

In February 2016, to build upon the College of Music’s history of distinction and to guide it forward through its 2020 centennial and beyond, the college’s faculty unanimously approved a 10-year strategic plan. The plan emerged from a 14-month dialogue among faculty and staff, students, alumni and supporters, and is supported by the following vision statement:

Music thrives in the College of Music because we honor its beauty, meaning and power in all its manifestations. This belief stands behind the advantage we offer our students by inspiring and equipping them to create lives in music they define as meaningful, joyous and fulfilling.

We will expand our reputation as a music program of national and international importance by uniquely integrating core educational programs and professional experiences, preparing students for a wide range of successful outcomes.

We expect to be broadly recognized as one of the top five public university music programs in the United States as a result of a highly innovative approach to student preparation, transformative faculty achievements and strong leadership in a dynamic and ever-changing field.

The integration of the college’s core educational programs with a rich array of professionally oriented experiences—benefiting every student in the college—stands as the centerpiece of the strategic plan. It’s what we are calling the College of Music Advantage.

The Strategic Plan and the College of Music Advantage

Our plan consists of five areas of focus, each interrelated to and mutually informing the others. They come together to define The College of Music Advantage. See sample goals below or view the full plan.

Connect student success to professional achievement

  • Augment students’ core educational experiences with multi-day residencies featuring leading professionals in the field
  • Send top student performers to showcase concerts, conferences and competitions in Denver, New York and other major urban centers
  • Expand the Entrepreneurship Center for Music to ensure cutting-edge career development
  • Create a center that promotes excellence in writing and communications for musicians

Plan in action: Cleveland Orchestra member residency | CU Boulder students perform at the legendary Carnegie Hall

Realize music’s interdisciplinary potential

  • Launch undergraduate and graduate degrees enabling students to connect music with media and technology, business, law and other fields
  • Develop new graduate credentials in administration and entrepreneurship

Plan in action: Composition and computer science double major writes music for video games | Alum creates open-source music writing platform

Expand national and international leadership

  • Launch a national center for music advocacy, providing students, faculty, alumni and all musicians with resources to assist them in their careers
  • Convene national and international festivals and symposia on campus

Plan in action: Professor emerita and husband launch choral fellowship | Eklund Opera Program brings top professionals to summer workshop

Build a robust network of partners

  • Create a state-of-the-art alumni engagement program
  • Pioneer innovative relationships with the business, medical and technology communities
  • Forge groundbreaking partnerships with international peer institutions

Plan in action: Ensembles wow crowds at Denver's Boettcher Concert Hall | Alumni connect to advance careers in LA

Cultivate diversity and inclusion

  • Expand and support faculty and student diversity and intensify grassroots efforts to increase student access to top music programs.
  • Launch an annual lecture on music, diversity and inclusion

Plan in action: Faculty member wins campus award for excellence in promoting diversity | Students collaborate with El Sistema for recital

In addition to the strategic plan, the College of Music is pursuing the following corollary goals:

  • Expand the college’s footprint on campus and improve the Imig Music Building and Macky Auditorium.
  • Thoroughly review and, where necessary, revise the college’s undergraduate curriculum to reflect 21st-century students’ needs.
  • Grow scholarship and assistantship resources to ensure the college continues to attract the most talented and thoughtful students.