Published: Feb. 4, 2022

music+ scholarship recipientsAt CU Boulder, the future of music education is bright.

The successful completion of the music+ campaign within CU Boulder’s College of Music illustrates the commitment of the campus and community to music education and the performing arts. With $50.5 million raised from over 11,000 gifts—alongside $52 million in capital funds from the campus—the college is celebrating the generosity of its supporters and continuing to build one of the premier public music programs in the country.

The music+ campaign, which began in 2014 and was publicly launched in 2017, was designed to support the people, programs and initiatives of the college. Campaign donations directly funded student scholarships (see below), community outreach, faculty research and program development.

The campaign ran in parallel with the expansion of the Imig Music Building, which the CU Boulder campus helped fund with $52 million in capital support. The 64,000-square-foot addition to the building opened in the fall of 2020 and features new spaces for performances, rehearsals and teaching.

All told, the campus and community supporters contributed over $100 million to support music education and outreach in Colorado. 

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Photo: Recipients of music+ scholarship support Eponine Bell (top left), Yuna Langehennig (center), O’Neil Jones (top right) and Ilan Blanck (bottom right).