Published: Oct. 5, 2011

Just in time for Halloween, hear CU composer Hunter Ewen’s spooky Monster Party performed by the CU violin studio on the Pendulum Series!

Hunter Ewen wrote this piece for the whole violin studio.  The piece was inspired by the monster drawings of artist Stefan Bucher. The performance was complete with costumes, dancing, ear-piercing screams, and violin faculty covered in makeup. If you don’t have time to view the whole video, skip to around 10:10 when the monsters dance.


Music by Hunter Ewen. Written for Lina Bahn and the CU-Boulder violin studio. Featuring original animations by artist Stefan Bucher. Video recording by Stefan Bucher and Dan Kellogg. Video puppeteering by Hunter Ewen.

Flittle: Sarah Wood, Annelise Gilsdorf, Brittany Ware

Squax: Karlie Denos, Samuel Goodman

Radigast Pigsley: Hannah Leland (spoken), Alejandro Gomez Guillen

Sir Beekington Cromwell III: Tee Tong Tang, Rachel Wilkinson

Pinchclock: Oscar Soler (solo cadenza), Allison Kim, Margaret Sopoer-Gutierrez

Dr. Chomps: Michael Brook, Veronica Pigeon, Molly Evans

Garblebob: Amanda Ramey, Matt Dendy, Grace Schneider

Mrs. Squirmwiggle: Lina Bahn, Haynn Tang

Conductor: Joel Schut