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The groups below are particularly connected to the MSE program. For a full list of all campus organizations and clubs, visit BuffConnect.

MSE and Beyond Mentorship Program

The MSE and Beyond Mentorship Program strives to support growing leaders and new students in the MSE program through a buddy system and professional development training.

The program offers:​

  • Mentor-mentee relationships
    • At the beginning of every academic year, incoming first-year students are automatically assigned to existing MSE student pods​
    • MSE Pods consist of students from all years of the graduate school experience ​
    • Pods are encouraged to meet up at least once per month to socialize and discuss their successes / struggles in graduate school​
  • Professional mentorship workshops, lecture series and panels​
  • Community building through outreach projects​. Past outreach projects included:
    • Engineering Expo, K-12 STEM workshops, K-12 tutoring program, STEM-focused charitable events and more!

Students working with fire Group of six students.
Above Photos: MSE and Beyond Mentorship events.

MSE DEI Committee

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee supports a diverse and inclusive community in the Materials Science & Engineering program. We want everyone to feel welcome, heard and empowered to succeed and thrive in MSE. 

Our goals:

  1. Increase the feeling of belonging and community for current graduate students.
  2. Make MSE accessible and welcoming to a diverse group of applicants.
  3. Foster an inclusive environment for folks with diverse backgrounds and experiences, including but not limited to: economic, educational, personal/ethnic/demographic (race, gender, sexuality, age), professional/career trajectory, active military/veteran status.
  4. Increase awareness in MSE of other campus groups (STEM routes, Women in STEM, CU Cafe, oSTEM, etc.) and national/international organizations (American Indian Science and Engineering Society, National Society of Black Engineers, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, etc.) that are dedicated to building an inclusive culture and supporting diverse groups of engineers.

Student Leaders:

MSE Events and Social Committee

More so than other graduate programs, the MSE program is widely interdisciplinary — attracting students from various backgrounds and interests across engineering and science at CU Boulder. One of the challenges that inherently comes with the interdisciplinary nature of our program is a disconnect between students not located in the same department or building on campus.

This committee is geared towards developing a greater sense of community within MSE by bridging these social gaps. By connecting students through a variety of events during the semester we hope to foster a more collaborative and fun environment:

Events include:

  • Monthly coffee hours
  • Semester Picnics
  • MSE Retreat​ Allenspark
  • And more!

Student Leaders:

MSE Materials Research Society (MRS) Chapter

Group photo of MRS members.The CU Boulder MSE MRS Chapter holds events and programming dedicated to materials topics and research. Our mission is to provide all of CU’s STEM+ community members opportunities to connect across disciplines, engage in valuable learning experiences, and help inspire interest in research and technology.​

We host professional development events at CU Boulder and in 2022 sent ~10 students to the MRS conference in Honolulu​.


Student Leaders: