Graduate students who are employed as a Teaching Assistant (TA) or Research Assistant (RA) need to be officially hired by the University to receive a monthly salary and tuition waiver.  There are two forms that need to be completed before your RA/TA appointment can be entered into the HR system:

  1. Personal Information Sheet: Your name must be entered exactly as it appears on your Social Security Card.
  2. I-9 Form: This form needs to be verified in person with the graduate coordinator.  You may fill out the first section of the form, but do not sign.  It is very important that you bring original IDs (no copies) from the list of acceptable documents on page 9 of the form.

You must set up a time to meet with the graduate coordinator to complete the I-9 form in person and process your payroll paperwork.  You will need to bring your original Social Security card (no copies) and original IDs for the I-9 form to complete your hire.  At the meeting with the graduate coordinator, you will receive your RA/TA offer letter with details about your appointment and your payroll information will be entered into the University payroll system.

After your appointment is entered into the University payroll system, you then need to complete three items online:

  1. Emergency Contact Information (available online in Buff Portal)
  2. W-4 (available online in Buff Portal)
  3. Direct Deposit (available online in Buff Portal)

International students must complete additional steps to be eligible for employment on campus. Review the information at the bottom of the MSE Admitted Students page for full details.