This form serves two main interrelated functions:

  • To increase transparency on degree planning/coursework and dissertation hour enrollment
  • To streamline dissertation hour enrollment (the MSE staff graduate advisor must sign you up for dissertation hours) - PhD students only

You will be responsible for signing up for courses through your Buff Portal. Your research advisor and MSE staff will review this information at the beginning of the semester. Please review coursework and degree requirements and clarify questions prior with the MSE staff graduate advisor prior to enrolling in courses and submitting this form. 

The MSE graduate advisor will sign you up for any dissertation hours. This form serves as that request. Discuss any dissertation thesis hour plans with your research advisor/PI in advance of filling out this form. Please review with your PI the following information prior to submission.

PhD students on an RA appointment: Your research advisor/PI is responsible for paying for tuition that includes course credit hours and dissertation hours. Students and faculty should be aware of the cost of hours (see bursar's office tuition and fee rate sheet) and how that effects grants and funding plans. Students and faculty should also be aware of important add/drop deadlines and graduation deadlines. Once the drop deadline passes, tuition is non-refundable.

Dissertation hour standards:

  • 1 dissertation hour if the student is still taking a course (1-4 credit course(s) + 1 dissertation thesis hour)
  • 3 dissertation hours if the student is not taking courses and has NOT passed the comprehensive exam the prior semester. 
  • A minimum of 5 but no more than 10 dissertation hours each semester after passing the comprehensive exam until graduation

Important notes:

  • Students must be registered for a minimum of 5 dissertation hours the semester they defend. 
  • Students should only register for hours in the summer if they plan to defend in the summer term. Summer registration is rarely necessary and rarely recommended.
  • Students are recommended to complete only as many hours as required (30 dissertation thesis credit hours)
Please select your research advisor/PI from the dropdown menu. They will automatically receive a copy of this form submission. New students and Pro MS students should select Laramie Rose as their research advisor/PI. If you do not see your research advisor/PI in this list, please contact prior to submitting this form.
Please list all courses you will be taking this semester. Include the code, name, and credit hours. EG: MSEN 5470, Materials Chemistry, 3. If you are not signing up for courses, please write NA.
Please list the number of dissertation hours you would like to be signed up for. Please review the information in the description above and discuss with your advisor prior to submitting this request. If you are not requesting to be signed up for dissertation hours, please write NA.