Course and Dissertation Hour Form

All PhD students must complete 30 dissertation thesis credit hours as part of their degree requirements.

The following are basic rules of thumb to follow with regard to signing up for thesis credit hours before and after the comprehensive examination. Consult with your research advisor/PI (faculty) and graduate academic advisor (staff). The MSE graduate academic advisor will sign you up for thesis hours once approved.

Prior to completing the comprehensive exam:

  • Zero dissertation credits if signed up for five or more class credits (which make a student full time)
  • One dissertation credit if signed up for a three-credit class (that one credit makes a student full time)
  • Three dissertation credits if signed up for no classes (since 1-3 credits all cost the same) 

After the comprehensive exam:

  • Students are required to take five credits of dissertation hours until graduation each fall and spring following the comprehensive exam. You can take a maximum of 10 dissertation thesis hour credits in any one semester. You are encouraged to register for the minimum number of Doctoral Thesis Hours needed to complete your degree.

Under very few circumstances should a student register for dissertation hours over the summer. All dissertation hours will need to be verbally discussed and approved by the research advisor/PI prior to sign up. If you need to sign up for summer hours, please email the graduate advisor and CC your research advisor/PI on the email.