Look below for info on how to get started here at the MCDB department.

We aim this document at faculty, staff, and graduate student employees. Undergraduate student employees may also find some of the info below helpful.

Please help us with any suggestions for improvements.

When just beginning here at CU and MCDB, you will first need to:

On your first day, you should:

  • Get your BuffOne card (office location).
  • Connect to CU's wireless network: "UCB Wireless" (and stop using "UCB Guest" if you were doing that).
  • Log into MyCUInfo (this is the central website for everything from employee benefits to making purchases), and:
    • Check that all of your personal information is correct and up-to-date.
    • Enter or update direct deposit information.
    • Fill out a W4.
    • Enroll in any eligible benefits.
    • Complete your Employment Eligibility (don't forget to bring your acceptable documents!).
    • NOTE: if you have any questions, contact our HR representative.

Once you have your CU ID, you can:

More questions? Of course! Take a look at our Resources page and please feel free to contact one of our staff.