MCDB offers both formal and informal spaces for meeting that can accomodate from one-on-one tutoral sessions to our 246 seat lecture hall. You can see the current MCDB GOLD_PORT Schedule if you need to find a room. Or you can focus your search on a specific room using the lists below.

A/V HowTo's

Many of the rooms listed below have video cameras and mic/speaker systems that are compatable with Zoom and Teams. You can learn how to use this equipment here, this video is especially helpful for the smaller classrooms. Look here to see info on using A2B70's Classroom Capture system.

Meet fellow biology students, ask question of tutors from the courses in session that semester. Or just go to Porter Biosciences B0054 to study. This room is not reservable.

Gold A152, A252, & A352. Schedule these rooms only if you need exclusive access.

Gold A150, A250, A350, & A450. These rooms require a reservation. They offer projection equipment with sound.

To view current reservations, use the links below:

Gold A2B70, A1B60, & A120, and Porter B121. These rooms offer projection equipment with sound, and A1B60 additionally has a video conferencing system. Reservations are required. Note: Gold A2B70 requires 14-day advanced notice and extra approvals, contact (303) 492-7743. Also, A2B70 has Classroom Capture capability.

To view current reservations, use the links below:

The DNA Cafe (Gold B436). This room requires a reservation for exclusive use, otherwise, it is in frequent use for studying and lunch breaks. Projection equipment is available, contact Erik Hedl to make arrangements.

To view current reservations, use the link below:

To schedule an outdoor event, contact (303) 492-7743. Note that the approval process requires  14-day advance notice.

Policy on the Use of University Facilities