Note: All procedures and appendices related to the CUUF policy can currently be found in this document.

I.  Purpose

This policy is adopted pursuant to Laws of the Regents Article 14.B.3, which directs the Chancellor to adopt regulations and procedures governing the use of grounds, buildings, and facilities for the campuses.

The University of Colorado Boulder is dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge through a free exchange of ideas, and this shall be a pivotal principle in determining whether a proposed use of a CU Boulder Facility and/or Outdoor Space is appropriate. This policy shall be interpreted consistent with the University’s Mission, Vision, and Values; with the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and Article II, Section 10 of the Colorado Constitution; and with section 23-5-144 of the Colorado Revised Statutes, which designates Outdoor Spaces as a Student Forum available for student expression.

II. Policy Statement

The intent of this policy is to support the Purpose and prevent interference and material and substantial disruption of University functions or activities; to promote safety; to protect University property; to maintain the visual appeal of the campus environment; to facilitate scheduling and management of University Facilities and/or Outdoor Spaces; to make Student Forums available for student expression, consistent with the requirements of section 23-5-144 of the Colorado Revised Statutes; and to establish time, place, and manner regulations for expression in the University’s Facilities and Outdoor Spaces.

No Facility or Outdoor Space may be used in a manner that materially and substantially disrupts University teaching, research, administrative, and/or service activities. Illustrative but not definitive examples of such kinds of disruption are the following:

  1. Endangerment of other users’ personal safety.
  2. Violence or incitement of violence.
  3. Damage to property.
  4. Persistent noise at a level materially and substantially disruptive of classes, research, administrative business, study, etc.
  5. Obstruction of the entrance/exit to any Facility or Outdoor Space, or obstruction or interference of the free movement of vehicular or pedestrian traffic along or through any campus sidewalk, walkway, street, or alley.

The Chancellor shall adopt additional Procedures consistent with this Policy and with Regent Law Article 14.B.3 to govern scheduling of University Facilities and Outdoor Space, conditions of use, and specifically prohibited uses. The Chancellor’s Procedures shall also establish definitions of terms related to Facilities and Outdoor Spaces, which definitions shall apply to terms in this Policy. 

III. Applicability

  1. Academic Events occurring at the time and place reported to, and recorded by, the Office of the Registrar, fall under the authority of the Provost and are exempt from this Policy and associated Procedures.
  2. This policy and the associated Procedures govern any use of any Facility or Outdoor Space, including Special Use Facilities or Outdoor Spaces.
  3. The Chancellor has delegated the authority to implement this policy as set forth in the associated Procedures.
  4. The Chancellor or the Chancellor’s designee may temporarily suspend a section or sections of this policy or the associated Procedures for a specified period of time and for a specific location if it is deemed in the best interest of the University.

IV. Usage Priorities

Scheduled use has priority over unscheduled use. The Scheduling Authorities, as defined in the Procedures, shall schedule Facilities and Outdoor Spaces according to the following priorities:

  1. First Priority: Use of classrooms, laboratories and other Facilities for teaching and instructional programs for University credit or for research by University faculty.
  2. Second Priority: Use by University Departments for University activities other than classes for credit, including, but not limited to, administration, scholarship, fundraising, mandatory training, or departmental programming and outreach. University Departments shall limit the sponsorship of non-academic activities to programs directly related to the departmental mission.
  3. Third Priority: Use by a Student Organization that is in good standing with the Center for Student Involvement (or its successor organization) at the time of scheduling the Event and also on the date(s) of the Event.
  4. Fourth Priority: Entities conducting educational, research, or outreach programs that have a current contractual relationship with the University.
  5. Fifth Priority: All other non-University uses, subject to availability and other requirements of this policy.
  6. The Chancellor or designee may override usage and scheduling in any General Use Facility/Outdoor Space and/or any Special Use Facility/Outdoor Space for purposes related to the response, protection, or management of criminal investigations; critical incidents; unplanned events that may have an impact on University operations; or scheduled events (including athletic events) that involve dedicated emergency resources.

V. Violations

Individuals and organizations using any Facility or Outdoor Space, including Special Use Facilities or Outdoor Spaces shall do so in compliance with this policy and the applicable associated Procedures or University Contract.

  1. Students may be subject to discipline under the Student Code of Conduct for violations of this policy.
  2. Employees may be subject to employee discipline for violations of this policy.
  3. The Chancellor, Chancellor’s designee, or Chancellor’s delegate(s) may impose appropriate penalties on Non-Affiliates for violations of this policy. Such penalties may include, but are not limited to:
    1. Exclusion from campus, consistent with the University of Colorado Police Department practice and with the campus exclusion policy.
    2. Suspension of access to certain facilities or rental privileges.
    3. Demand for compensation for any damage to campus Facilities or Outdoor Spaces.

VI. Functions of the Committee for the Campus Use of University Facilities 

The CUUF Committee shall:

  1. Review and recommend policies regarding the non-academic use of University Facilities and Outdoor Spaces to the Chancellor.
  2. Periodically review this Policy and the associated Procedures and recommend necessary revisions to the Chancellor and Chancellor’s delegates.
  3. Review Event requests, as well as other CUUF-related matters, not fitting into previously established categories.
  4. Make recommendations to the Chancellor or designee regarding requests to temporarily waive sections of the CUUF policy.

Effective Date

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Approved By

Philip P. DiStefano, Chancellor


Campus Use of University Facilities Committee ("CUUF" Committee)