Executive Compliance Committee 

  1. Chancellor
  2. Provost
  3. Executive Vice Chancellor and COO
  4. Director of Compliance
  5. Campus Counsel – ex officio 

Compliance Advisory Committee

Name Title
Catherine Oja Chair, Director of Integrity and Compliance
Dan Jones Associate Vice Chancellor, Integrity, Safety and Compliance
Holly Gates-Mayer Assistant Vice Chancellor, Environmental Health and Safety
Erin Frazier Senior Director of Campus Communications and Engagement, Strategic Relations
Jill Keegan Senior Associate Athletic Director for Compliance and the Senior Woman Administrator
Kenny Nelson Asst. Vice Chancellor, HR Shared Services and Employee Relations
Alex Loyd Associate University Counsel, Advisory Role
Elizabeth McVeigh AVC for Enrollment Business Solutions
Megan Clark Director of Case Resolutions, OIEC
Vicki Nichol Campus Controller
Jon Reuter Assistant Vice Chancellor, Research Integrity and Compliance 
Brian Lindoerfer Assistant Vice Chancellor, Facilities Management
Cheryl Barbour Assistant Director of Policy & Compliance, Student Affairs
Alexa Van Dalsem Deputy Director, Office of Contracts and Grants
Chadd Medina Risk Management
Cindy Thill AVC Health and Wellness Services 

Roles & Responsibilities

  • The Advisory Committee provides advice and recommendations to the Executive Compliance Committee based upon the members’ expertise and knowledge of activities across campus. 
  • Responsible for operational level implementation of the Chancellor’s charge, including the Enterprise Risk Management process for the campus. 
  • Ensure appropriate elevation, accountability, and decision-making of  risk and compliance issues 
  • Study and make recommendations regarding best practices for high-risk areas and monitor activities and report periodically to the Executive Compliance Committee  
  • Implements the vision, mission and goals for the campus operational “integrity” program. 
  • Identify and prioritize resource needs. 
  • Identify educational and training needs. 
  • Champion and identify other champions of the culture of operational integrity within sphere of influence. 
  • Coordinate, review and implement compliance communications plan and activities including Chancellor messaging, compliance website, etc.  
  • Model a Culture of Compliance  ​

Compliance Community of Practice:  

A community where compliance professionals across campus, or those with a passion for compliance can gather to promote a culture of compliance through the implementation of compliance initiatives.  To learn more send an email to compliace@colorado.edu