Student Hourly positions: MCDB faculty periodically hire undergraduate students to work in their labs.  Student hourly pay rates are set by the Office of Student Employment.

Students should contact a faculty member directly for inquiring about employment opportunities. Work study awards are awarded by the financial aid office and require a FAFSA application.

Undergraduate TAs:  Certain MCDB CURES lab courses may be aided by Undergraduate  Assistants who fill much the same role as TAs, but are undergraduates.  The rate of pay is set by the graduate school schedule for Undergrad Assistants.  Students must have taken the CURE lab course for which they are applying and at least one semester as an MCDB Learning Assistant is preferred. Those interested should contact Daryl Kohlerschmidt, HR Manager.

Lecturer positions:  MCDB periodically hires Lecturers to teach MCDB courses.  The rate of pay is set by the College of Arts and Sciences.  Those interested should contact Daryl Kohlerschmidt, HR Manager.

All other positions: Staff and faculty positions available here at MCDB and for CU in general.