The Mashak lab has capabilities to synthesize, purify, and analyze organic molecules and inorganic coordination complexes. We can perform air and/or moisture-free synthesis using one of our gloveboxes or schlenk manifolds. In addition, we have the capability to make coin cell batteries and perform high-throughput electrosynthesis using our flow batteries, which can be operated in aqueous or non-aqueous solvents, inside or outside of a glovebox. We have several flow cells with active areas ranging from 5 to 25 cm2 and variable flow rate pumps that can handle electrolytes ranging from corrosive conc. HBr/Br2 to organic and metal-chelate electrolytes. We have several electroanalytical instruments to control and cycle our batteries in addition to performing electrochemical analyses like CV, DPV, and EIS. We also have the capability to monitor pH in situ, as well as monitor/control cell temperature, flow rate, and follow reactions with static and flow spectroelectrochemistry.



Flow Battery Hardware

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