Admission to the MA program in Linguistics with TESOL Emphasis is through online application to the Graduate School of the University of Colorado. The deadline for applications is December 1 for international applicants and January 10 for domestic applicants. You can apply for financial support when you submit your application.

Applicants selecting the professional TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) Emphasis should specify TESOL as their primary interest in their applications. Applicants should also address their TESOL interests along with their language/linguistics interests in the Application Statement. 

If you apply and are admitted to the general program and then decide to make TESOL your emphasis after you begin your program, it is relatively unproblematic to make the change. However, you should consult with the TESOL Advisor as soon as possible—ideally, in your first semester in the program—to set up your course plan.

The PMA in Linguistics for TESOL requires 30 units of coursework (including a TESOL practicum), a Comprehensive Exam, and satisfaction of the foreign language requirement. Students may optionally elect to write a thesis.