Feb 2022Avery Hatch operating a SMPS system

"Environmental Conversations" with Lilia Abron, president of AAEES, and Joel Ducoste, president of AEESP. www.environmentalconversations.com

Jan 2022

What the Marshall Fire can teach us as we prepare for future climate catastrophes - CU Boulder Today

Sep 2021

You Can Wash and Reuse Your Cloth Mask for a Year Without Losing Protection, Study Finds - EcoWatch

Sep 2021

Don’t throw that cloth mask away yet—it still works - CU Boulder Today

Sep 2021

CU Boulder researchers receive $1.1M EPA grant to study wildfire smoke - The Daily Camera

Sep 2021

Amid wildfires and a pandemic, here’s how to keep your indoor air clean - CU Boulder Today

Aug 2021

Simple safety measures reduce musical COVID-19 transmission - CU Boulder Today

Aug 2021

University of Colorado Boulder researchers awarded $1.1 million for projects to reduce exposure to wildland fire smoke at school and at home - EPA Region 8 News Release

CBS_Denver_Channel_4_logoAug 2021

The Best Methods To Filter Indoor Air, According To A Pollution Expert At CU Boulder - Channel 4 CBS Denver

Aug 2021Smithsonian_Magazine_Logo

Four Ways to Protect Yourself From Harmful Air Pollution Caused by Wildfires - Smithsonian Magazine

May 2021healthline_logo

Wildfire Season is Coming, What You Should Do Right Now - Healthline

May 2021

Vance to study changes in particles as they move between indoor, outdoor environments - News article about Nina's new NSF CAREER Award

Apr 2021NREL_logo

Scientists Studying Solar Try Solving a Dusty Problem - PhD student Sarah Toth's research was featured on NREL's website 

Sep 2020

Will Your COVID-19 Mask Protect You from Wildfire Smoke? - Healthline

Jun 2020salogo

Coronavirus Lockdowns May Raise Exposure to Indoor Air Pollution - Scientific American

Mar 2020GQlogo

How to Clear the Air, Literally, in Your Home - GQ Magazine

Sep 2019

Environmental scientists express concern about indoor air pollution - The Washington Times

Aug 2019 RSC_logo

Special Issue on Indoor air: sources, chemistry and health effects, Environmental Science: Processes and Impacts

Several papers from this special issue have made to the ESPI Best Papers of 2019 collection

Jul 2019

Dr. Vance was named a McLagan Family Faculty Fellow in the College of Engineering at CU Boulder.

May 2019

Studies show how homes can pollute indoor air - Science News for Students

Apr 2019The New Yorker Logo

The Hidden Air Pollution in our Homes - The New Yorker Magazine 

March 2019

As global fight for clean air intensifies, IKEA unveils air-purifying curtain - UN Environment

February 2019 Forbes magazine logo

Bringing Attention to Indoor Air Pollution - Forbes Magazine

Household Chemicals Pose Health Hazards - AAAS News

Cooking, Cleaning Could Raise Air Pollution Levels In Homes, Study Says - CBS Local

Cooking, Frying, Washing, and Cleaning all contribute to outdoor air pollution - Health News OfficeThe Times logo

Toast is more toxic than traffic fumes - The Times 

How to pollution-proof your roast dinner - The Telegraph 

Why your roast dinner could be killing you: Indoor pollution from cooking as bad as in city centres, say scientists - The Telegraph

Your home is a hidden source of air pollution - CU Boulder TodayThe telegraph logo

October 2018

HOMEChem gives chemistry student inside look at air quality - The Triangle

September 2018 AAAR logo

Dr. Vance was elected vice-chair of the Indoor Aerosols and Aerosol Exposure Working Group for AAAR, the American Association for Aerosol Research. This is a 2-year position that starts as vice-chairs and then moves on to chair. Duties include selecting abstracts for oral and poster presentations at the AAAR conferences, proposing plenary speakers, tutorial sessions, and special symposia.

Dr. Vance was interviewed by the Helium Podcast about life in academia as a tenure-track professor. Check out the podcast here.

August 2018RSC_logo

Are you ‘safely indoors’? - Education in Chemistry (Royal Society of Chemistry) 

30 Seconds of HOMEChem: World's Most Awesome Experiment in Indoor Air - Home Performance on Youtube

Meet Marina Vance, the Skeptic of HOMEChem - Home Performance on Youtube.

July 2018

Large scale experiment probes chemistry inside our homes - Chemistry World Chemistry World logo

June 2018

Indoor Chemistry, and emerging science. - National Press Foundation. Featuring a news story and three video interviews exploring the HOMEChem study.

Nation's largest, most comprehensive indoor chemistry study now underway - EurekAlert.

May 2018

Ryan Elementary, CU Boulder partner to build toy for Children's Hospital Colorado - Boulder Daily Camera (news related to a Mechanical Engineering Senior Design Project)

Rain Game brings science learning to children in the hospital - Mechanical Engineering Blog (news related to a Mechanical Engineering Senior Design Project)

Apr 2018

Designing a UAV system that can outsmart a thunderstorm - Mechanical Engineering Blog (news related to a Mechanical Engineering Senior Design Project)

Apr 2018 C&EN logo

3-D printer emissions raise concerns and prompt controls - Chemical & Engineering News 

Nov 2017
Vance earns $1.25 million Sloan Foundation air quality grant​ - EurekAlert
Bringing chemistry HOME with $1.1 million Sloan Foundation grant - EurekAlert

Jan 2016

Green-er gold nanoparticles - Environmental Science: Nano Blog

Learn about nanotechnology with these tutorial posts! - VTSuN Blog

Oct 2015

Nanotechnology in our everyday lives - VTSuN Blog

Aug 2015RSC_logo

Nanotechnology – old or new? - Environmental Science: Nano Blog

May 2015
Scholar of the Week Recognition - Virginia Tech Office of the Vice President for Research

Great Balls of Fire - Environmental Science: Nano Blog

Nov 2014 Pulse of the Planet logo
Pulse of the Planet - radio interviews:

Ancient Nanotechnology - What's the connection between Notre Dame Cathedral and the cutting edge world of nanotechnology?

Small Is Not Enough - One of the defining characteristics of nano materials is that they have new properties, compared to larger versions of the same materials.

Nano Medicine - Gold nanoparticles can be used in the treatment of cancer.

Nano Inventory - The Nanotechnology Consumer Products Inventory is an online compendium of products which contain nanomaterials.

Jul 2014
Antimicrobial silver nanoparticles - Radio Health Journal radio interview.

Générateur de vortex : comment fonctionne l'arme anti-grêlons - Science et Avenir - An article explaining how hail cannons work mentioned our research on the environmental and health risks of silver nanoparticles.

Feb 2014 Chicago Tribune Logo
Some antibacterials come with worrisome silver lining - Chicago Tribune

Jan 2014
The nanotechnology in your toothpaste.  - . The article mentions our work on the Consumer Products Inventory.Guardian logo

Nov 2013
Silver nanoparticle use spurs U.S. consumer database - CBC Canada

Nov 2013
29 Everyday Products You Didn’t Know Contain Nanomaterials - Buzzfeed article based on the Consumer Products Inventory

Oct 2013
Nanomaterials database improved to help consumers, scientists track products - Phys.Org

Oct 2013
I lead a team effort at VTSuN to partner with the Wilson Center to perform a large upgrade to the Nanotechnology Consumer Products Inventory:

Nanomaterials inventory improved to help consumers, scientists track products - Virginia Tech News

Inventory Finds Increase in Consumer Products Containing Nanoscale Materials - The Wilson Center

Sep 2013

Small Science, Big Future - Chemical & Engineering News
Are There Invisible Toxins In Your Food? - Prevention Magazine

Aug 2013

Release of silver from nanotechnology-based consumer products - CEINT

Jul 2013
Release of silver from nanotechnology-based products for children. - Nanowerk

Nov 2011

Researchers assess inhalation of silver nanoparticles from spray products - Chemical Watch

May 2011

What's in that spray? - New Haven Independent

Assessing Realistic Emissions of Airborne Nanomaterials from Consumer Products - ICTAS Connection