As an environmental engineer and research scientist, I am passionate about communicating our science to a broad audience. 

I have coordinated educational outreach booths with many VTSuN graduate students at a number of events geared towards children and the general public. We presented hand-on activities on nanotechnology concepts in a number of events, including Kid's Tech University at Virginia Tech (2013), the US Science and Engineering Expo in Washington, DC (2014), the First Virginia Science Fair (2014), and TEDx Virginia Tech (2013-2014). Details about these and other events can be seen at the VTSuN outreach page.

Pulse of the Planet

I was interviewed by Jim Metzner, the producer of Pulse of the Planet for the following radio segments (click on the link to listen to the recordings):

Ancient Nanotechnology. What's the connection between Notre Dame Cathedral and the cutting edge world of nanotechnology? (Aired Nov 23 2014)

Small Is Not Enough. One of the defining characteristics of nano materials is that they have new properties, compared to larger versions of the same materials. (Aired Nov 24 2014)

Nano Medicine. Gold nanoparticles can be used in the treatment of cancer. (Aired Nov 25 2014)

Nano Inventory. The Nanotechnology Consumer Products Inventory is an online compendium of products which contain nano materials. (Aired Nov 28 2014)


I was a blog writer for the ES:Nano Blog and a writer/editor for the VTSuN Interdisciplinary Graduate Education Program's blog.  Here is a selection of my blog posts.

For ES Nano:
Green-er gold nanoparticles
Nanotechnology - Old or new?
Great balls of fire
Nano-apples, nano-oranges and a combination of both
Nanoceria in our bodies
Inhalation toxicity of carbon nanotubes
Making an antimicrobial water filter using a microwave and sugar
Carbon nanotubes as a Trojan Horse for heavy metals

For VTSuN:
Nanotechnology in our everyday lives
My experience in interdisciplinary research
Environmental nanotechnology on the radio
Pollutant transport in the world's third largest riverAn afternoon at TEDx and why we do outreach
Your one stop source for nanotechnology consumer products
What happens to the nanoparticles in your child’s teddy bear? 
What is sustainable nanotechnology?
What is nanotechnology?
Conferencing 101


Nanotechnology in consumer products. Invited webinar for the National Nanotechnology Applications andCareer Knowledge (NACK) network, aimed at highschool and college-level educators. October, 2014
     Webinar recording
     Webinar slides